Swamp Thing (video game)

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Swamp Thing
Title screen of Swamp Thing (NES version)
Publisher(s)Toy Headquarters
Designer(s)Barry Marx (NES)
Dan Kitchen (NES)
David Lubar (NES)
Christian Dana Perry (GB)
Curtis Norris (GB)
Timothy H. Mensch (GB)
Composer(s)Mark Van Hecke (NES)
Ed Bogas (Game Boy)
Game Boy
ReleaseDecember 1992

Swamp Thing is a platform video game for the NES and Game Boy. Based on the animated series of the same name, it was published by THQ and released December 1992.

A Swamp Thing title was also in development by Microsmiths for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis but was canceled. It would have been published by NuVision Entertainment.[1]


The NES version of Swamp Thing borrows the game engine from The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants. Its introduction features the origin story of Swamp Thing and as depicted in the 1991 animated series. The player takes the role of the title character battling foes throughout the Louisiana swamps and other locations in a side-scrolling format. Swamp Thing's attack methods include punching and firing "sludge balls" which are acquired throughout the game. The player must venture through various stages, which include a graveyard, chemical factory, toxic dump, and finally, Arcane's lab. Bosses include Arcane's Un-Men, Dr. Deemo, Weedkiller, Skinman, and finally, Arcane himself.[2]

In Game Boy's Swamp Thing, stages include the Arctic, the desert, and contaminated rainforests. Swamp Thing also uses tools like camouflage and thorn skin, and he must recycle scattered garbage in order to score points and gain additional powers.[3]


Aside from marginal graphics, the NES Swamp Thing has received average to generally negative reviews for its high difficulty, poor music, and dull gameplay.[4] However, while the NES version of Swamp Thing was based on a Simpsons game, it also provided the foundation for a popular ROM hack entitled The Simpsons: Return of the Space Mutants. This 2001 title serves as a sequel to the original Bart vs. the Space Mutants game and is only available through a downloadable ROM format.[5]

While perhaps faring better than its NES counterpart, the Game Boy version of Swamp Thing was not met with high praise either, getting a 2.5/5 score from Nintendo Power.[6]


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