Swan River Valley

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The Swan River Valley (also: Swan Valley) is located in the western part of the Canadian province of Manitoba. It has no clearly defined boundaries, and although it is close to the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border, the immediate area across the border is sometimes considered a part of “the valley” as it is known by locals, as well. It is named after the Swan River, which runs through the center of the region. It is considered a valley because of the highlands that surround it on three sides. The Porcupine Mountains lie to the northwest, the Duck Mountains are in the south, and Thunderhill is in the western part of the region. These features are all a part of the Manitoba Escarpment. Thus the name Swan River Valley is somewhat misleading, as the area is not actually a river valley.




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Coordinates: 52°07′08″N 101°20′53″W / 52.119°N 101.348°W / 52.119; -101.348