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Swango is a dance musical conceived and choreographed by Mariela Franganillo and Robert Royston, with a script by Rupert Holmes.

The original production played in the off-Broadway Swing 46 jazz club in 2002[1] and moved to the Helen Hayes Theatre in Nyack, New York in 2003. It received mixed reviews. In both productions, Franganillo and Royston played the lovers.[1][2] It played at theatres in White Plains, New York and Queens, New York in 2005.[3]


A Romeo and Juliet-type story loosely based on West Side Story. A girl from the Argentine Tango world meets a boy from the West Coast Swing crew. A bartender narrates the conflict as the two groups compete to take over a new dance club in a converted warehouse. When the lovers come together, they create the fusion of Tango and Swing suggested by the title.[4]