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Swapnasandhani Bengali theatre group logo.jpg
Swapnasandhani group logo
Formation May 29, 1992[1]
Type Theatre group
Kaushik Sen, Chitra Sen, Reshmi Sen, Dwitipriya, Rabindranath Jana, Riddhi Sen
Artistic director(s)
Kaushik Sen

Swapnasandhani (Bengali: About this sound Shopnoshondhānī ) is a Bengali theater group from Kolkata. The group was founded on May 29, 1992.[1] Swapnasandhani has been marked by the acting and directorial of Kaushik Sen. With its consistently high quality of work, the group has indeed carved a niche for itself.


From 2006, Swapnasandhani began performing on a regular basis at the Sujata Sadan every Saturday. This eliminated their need to wait in queue for free slots at the major theatres like the Academy of Fine Arts, Madhusudan Mancha etc.

Major productions[edit]

Till April, 2011 Swapnasandhani has staged 12 full length plays and 14 short ones.[2] Some of those are:

  • Prachya.
  • Ajke Aamar Chhuti
  • Bhalo Rakshosher Golpo (2005).
  • Banku Babur Bandhu (2006).
  • Daakghar (2006).
  • Malyaban (2006).
  • Suprobhat (2006).
  • Dakghor (2007).
  • Hargoj (2008) based on a work of Bangladeshi writer Selim Al-Deen.
  • Bhoy (2009).
  • Darjiparar Marjinara (2009) written by Bratya Basu, travels through the squalid rooms and alleys of Calcutta’s biggest red-light district Sonagachhi.[3]
  • Birpurush (2010)
  • Macbeth (2012) Bengali theatre based on William Shakespeare's play Macbeth.[4]
  • Thana Theke Aschi (2013)

Celebrity appearance[edit]

Key people[edit]


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