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Swara Sampada
Swara sampada logo jpg.jpg
Swara Sampada Logo
Founded 23 Feb 2003
Founder Ajai R. Singh
Focus Music
Origins Mulund, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Area served
Local with Global potential
Method Monthly meets
Self financing, non-profit
Slogan 'Help the evolution of bathroom singers to living room singers, and living room singers to stage singers'
Website Swara Sampada Main

Swara Sampada is a Mumbai, India based non-profit organisation with the mission statement 'To Help the Evolution of Bathroom Singers Into Drawing Room Singers; And Drawing Room Singers Into Stage Singers.[1]

History and brief outline[edit]

Started in 2003 by founder president Ajai R. Singh, it is based on the philosophy that almost anyone can sing, provided he/she is provided an atmosphere of positivity, encouragement and empathetic mentoring.[2] It believes in a fraternity of music lovers and the universality of music.[3] Members are given a theme one month in advance and they prepare songs for presentation based on these themes.


All Swara Sampadites are supposed to take an oath stating they are 'dedicated to understanding the Science of Music and the Art of Singing'.[4]

Swara Sampada Sourcebook on Music[edit]

Released in February 2005, this is a book on how to become a good singer and quality listener.[5] ISBN 81-901406-2-0.

Swara Sampada Chapters[edit]

Three Chapters of Swara Sampada have been formed, called 'Swara Sampada Mulund (East)' in May 2010, 'Swara Sampada (Joshi-Bedekar College)' in Feb 2011, and 'Swara Sampada Pune' on 26 Jan 2012.[6]

Swara Sampada in the Media[edit]

The local media has covered the organisation from time to time.[7]


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