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Swarf in performance at Water Rats, King's Cross (2004-08-21).jpg
Background information
Origin Brighton, Sussex
Labels Wasp Factory
Members Liz Green
Andrew Stock
Chris Kiefer

Swarf were an electronic band from Brighton, Sussex.


The lineup was Liz Green (vocals and lyrics), Andrew Stock (synths, programming) and Chris Kiefer (synths, programming). The band was formed in 2001 by Green and Stock, with Kiefer joining later.

After a 2004 UK tour with Ultravox veteran John Foxx [1] the band released Art, Science, Exploitation, Swarf's first and only full album to date. Several tracks were produced by Marc Heal of Cubanate.

The band's original following stemmed from the Goth and Industrial genres, but the band themselves never followed the scene's usual clichés. More recently the group have moved away from their original audience and seem to have found a niche in the dance scene,[2] featuring on several Trance compilation albums. BBC South have also broadcast a live session.[3] Even Jordan has recently taken to Swarf.[4]

The band also released songs via torrent.


  • Fall (Wasp Factory WASPFAC010, 2001)
  • Art, Science, Exploitation (Cryonica CRYCD013, 2004)

Compilation albums[edit]

  • Working With Children And Animals Vol 2 (Wasp Factory WASPFAC015, 2002) - "Drown", "Shadows"
  • Cryotank Vol 1 (Cryonica, 2003) - "Supine", "Grey (version)", "Subtext (Weirdo Bold Mix)"
  • Interbreeding: Industrial Cyberlords (BLC Productions) - "Shadows"
  • "Whirly Waves 3" Whirl-Y-Gig compilation album. "Subtext" (Weirdo mix) [5]


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