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According to Ayyavazhi mythology there are Seven Logas (Seven Upper Worlds). The Sanskrit term for Loga is "loka." Akilam six and Akilam seven of Akilattirattu Ammanai speaks about it. The Seven logas are;

  1. Deiva Loga (the Sanskrit term for deiva loga is Devaloka)
  2. Yama Loga
  3. Swarga Loga (the Sanskrit term for Swarga Loga is Svarga)
  4. Brahma Loga
  5. Vaikunda Loga (the Sanskrit term for Vaikunda Loga is Vaikunta)
  6. Siva Loga (the Sanskrit term for Siva Loga is Sivaloka or Kailasa)
  7. Para Loga

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