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The Swarnamukhi ( Telugu: స్వర్ణముఖి) is a river of southern India. It was mentioned as Mogaleru in the works of Dhurjati.

The river flows near famous pilgrimage Srikalahasti in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh state, India. The Swarnamukhi river has five major Saivite shrines along its course in the district. Besides Srikalahasti, there are temples of Agastheswara in Thondavada, Parasareswara in Yogimallavaram, Parasurameswara in Gudimallam and Moolasthaneswara in Gajulamandyam, to which great religious significance is attached by the local people for being on the bank of the equally sacred river. It is not perennial and flows in October to December of every year, and merges Bay of Bengal near Tupilipalem.

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