Swazi general election, 2008

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A parliamentary election was held in Swaziland for the House of Assembly on 19 September 2008.[1] It was the first election under the new constitution introduced in 2006, and the first time that foreign observers were allowed to monitor an election in the country.[2] It was observed by an Expert Team established by the Commonwealth Secretary-General at the request of the Elections and Boundaries Commission of Swaziland.[3]

On the day before the election, several union officials were arrested for attempting to block the border with South Africa at Oshoek for a pro-democracy protest.[4]

Political parties remained banned in Swaziland, so all candidates for the 55 seats were independents.[2] Following the election, King Mswati III was to appoint 10 more MPs. The National Assembly would then elect 10 members for the Senate, with the King appointing 20 more.[2]


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