Swaziland Stock Exchange

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Swaziland Stock Exchange
Industry Finance
Founded 1990
Headquarters Mbabane
Key people
Sibusiso Dlamini, Founder
Products Stock trading services
Website http://www.ssx.org.sz/

The Swaziland Stock Market is a small but thriving stock exchange. The stock exchange was established in July 1990 by Sibusiso Dlamini, a former World Bank executive who became Swaziland's prime minister, to enable ordinary Swazis to become stakeholders in their economy. All listings are included in the sole index, the SSM Index, which is unweighted. There are a handful of listed public companies, as well as some listed government stock options, listed debentures, government guaranteed stock and non trading mutual funds.

Exchange Control approval is required for foreigners wishing to invest on the stock market.

Stockbrokers on the Exchange are licensed by the Central Bank of Swaziland and there is no regulation regarding the foreign ownership of brokerage firms.

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