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Swearing At Motorists
Swearing At Motorists live in the early 2000s in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Swearing At Motorists live in the early 2000s in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Background information
OriginDayton, Ohio, United States
GenresIndie rock
Years active1995–present
LabelsSecretly Canadian
MembersDave Doughman - vocals, guitars, etc
Martin Boeters - drums
Past membersDon Thrasher - drums, tapes
Joseph Siwinski - drums
Timmy Taylor - drums
Mike Volk - guitar
Neil Blender - bass
Kelley Marchal - percussion
Matt Bowman - guitar
W. Wright - sitar
Phil Mehaffey - organ
Tom Byrne - 12 string guitar, mandolin, lap steel
Kelli Byrne - vocals
Rodd Boggs - dulcimer, guitar, trumpet
Steve Poulton - organ
Warren Byrom - trumpet
Nate Farley - farfisa
Jim Greer - guitar
Nick Chiccehitto - mandolin
Brian Mctear - rhodes, banjo
Noel Siwinski - guitar
Todd Siwinski - percussion
Kurt Wunder - trumpet
Travis Nelsen - drums
Jonathan Cargill - drums
Michael Kapinus - trumpet
Jim Zespy - organ, keyboards
Joe Dilworth - drums
Harrison Hayes - drums
Mike Kennedy - drums
Richard Coneliano - drums
Ben Chamie - drums
Jason Kourkounis - drums
Dimitri Coats - drums
Scout Niblett - drums
Craig Nichols - drums
Will Johnson - drums
Matt "Pistol" Stoessel - pedal steel
Henry Owings - vocals
TC Marsh - drums
Martin Boeters - drums
Ludwig Jackson Doughman - vocals, drums
Mike Postalakis - Deadpan Hype Man

Swearing At Motorists is a two-piece rock and roll band composed of Dave Doughman (guitar, vocals, etc.) and drummer Martin Boeters (previously Joseph Siwinski). They formed in Dayton, Ohio in 1994, releasing their self-titled debut cassette in 1995. Joseph Siwinski replaced Don Thrasher (formerly of Guided by Voices), who had originally been on drums.

Critics have referred to Swearing At Motorists as “The Two Man Who”[citation needed], a nickname bestowed upon the band by Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys. Their albums are a combination of rock and love songs that portray 'a character at the mercy of his own destiny'[citation needed].

Swearing At Motorists live in Indianapolis, Indiana in the early 2000s.
Swearing At Motorists live in Hamburg, Germany 2014.

The Swearing At Motorists song "Flying Pizza", named after a Dayton pizzeria, details an unpleasant encounter with an old acquaintance.

Swearing At Motorists' concerts have involved antics such as Doughman tearing the strings out of his guitar mid-song and jumping offstage, as well as comedic anecdotes relayed between, and sometimes within, songs.

The band has toured the United States and Europe several times. From 2000 - 2011 all of their records were released by Bloomington, Indiana label Secretly Canadian. In 2014 Austrian label Siluh Records released their 7" ep Burn Down The Wire. On February 8, 2014, the band successfully funded the production & manufacturing of their newest album, While Laughing, The Joker Tells The Truth, via Kickstarter.

Frontman Dave Doughman has challenged The White Stripes to a contest of who can put on a better show, but has never received a reply.[1]


  • Swearing At Motorists (CD) - 1995
  • Tuesday's Pretzel Night (EP) - 1996
  • The Fear of Low-Flying Clouds (LP) - 1997
  • Enough Drama and The Way Things Are (EP) - 1997
  • More Songs From the Mellow Struggle (CD) - 2000
  • Stumble to the Zero Hour (EP) - 2000
  • Number Seven Uptown (LP) - 2000
  • The Burnt Orange Heresy (EP) - 2000
  • Along the Inclined Plane (EP) - 2002
  • This Flag Signals Goodbye (LP) - 2002
  • Last Night Becomes This Morning (LP) - 2006
  • Exile on Gipsstraße (LP) - 2006
  • Postcards From A Drinking Town (collected singles '96-'02) (LP) - 2011
  • Burn Down The Wire (EP) - 2014
  • While Laughing, The Joker Tells The Truth (LP) - 2014


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