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Swebus (Swebus Express AB)
Swebus logo.tiff
Swebus landsväg.jpg
A Scania OmniExpress in new Swebus livery in 2010.
Parent Flixbus
Commenced operation 21 April 1997
Ceased operation 27 August 2018
Headquarters Solna, Stockholm
Service area Sweden
Service type Intercity coach service
Destinations 150
Operator Swebus Express AB
Website www.swebus.se, www.flixbus.se
MAN Lion's Top Coach in old Swebus Express livery in Jönköping in March 2007.

Swebus Express AB, trading as just Swebus since 2009, is one of Sweden's largest long distance coach operators. Swebus has a "seat guarantee" for journeys bought at least 24 hours before departure, meaning that they promise to bring in the necessary extra coaches in case of extensive booking on a departure.

Swebus Express' lines are focused in southern Sweden, with Uppsala and Stockholm in the north, Norrköping, Linköping and Kalmar on the east coast. Malmö and Blekinge in the south and Helsingborg, Halmstad and Gothenburg on the west coast and Jönköping in the middle, and some lines extended to Oslo in Norway and Copenhagen in Denmark. They also offer tickets to Germany via Eurolines and the Czech Republic via Bohemian Lines.


After Swebus had been acquired by Stagecoach in October 1996, Swebus' long distance routes became branded as Swebus Express from 21 April 1997.[1] In the beginning they had the same livery as Stagecoach, just with a different logo.[2] A large marketing campaign between April and August, which included free return tickets, led to some routes quintuple their passenger rates in the period. This again led to Swebus ordering 65 14.7-metres coaches to be bodied by Van Hool on Volvo B10M-70B chassis and two Neoplan Megaliner.[3]

At 1 January 1999 the long-distance coach market in Sweden was deregulated, which led to several new Swebus Express routes, including Stockholm - Uppsala - Gävle, Växjö - Jönköping, Västervik - Jönköping, Växjö - Malmö and Kalmar - Karlskrona - Hässleholm - Helsingborg from 25 January 1999.[4]

After Swebus was sold to Concordia Bus in late 1999, the orange stripe from the Stagecoach livery was removed and later the blue and red stripes were softened at the "Z" section. In 2001/2002,[citation needed] Swebus Express was made into a separate operating company, named Swebus Express AB.

When Swebus AB was renamed Nobina Sverige AB in December 2009, Swebus Express started trading as just Swebus, and also received a new logo and an all-white livery.

On 2 May 2018 Nobina AB sold Swebus to the German long distance coach operator Flixbus.[5]


Current routes (Updated May 2018)[edit]

Some routes are season-specific.[6]

Number Route Notes and history
820 Copenhagen-Kastrup Airport-Malmö-Gothenburg-Oslo
  • Formerly also known as E6-Expressen.
830 Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport-Jönköping-Stockholm-Arlanda Airport
832 Uppsala-Arlanda Airport-Stockholm-Jönköping-Malmö
835 Uppsala-Stockholm-Kalmar-(Öland)
855 Stockholm-Liljeholmen-Vadstena-Jönköping
857 Jönköping-Vimmerby-Västervik-Oskarshamn
866 Örebro-Västerås-Enköping-Arlanda Airport
  • Airport transfer.
888 Stockholm-Örebro-Karlstad-Oslo
  • Former line 845.
899 Stockholm-Västerås

Partner routes[edit]

Number Route Notes and history
920 Stockholm-Malmö-Prague-Brno
  • Operated by Bohemian Lines.
940 Stockholm-Östersund/Funäsdalen
  • Operated by Härjedalingen.
950 Stockholm-Umeå/Sollefteå
  • Operated by Ybuss.
991 Stockholm-Borlänge-Mora
  • Operated by Jensen Buss.

Former routes[edit]

This list is not complete.[7]

Number Route Notes and history
800 Göteborg-Karlstad-Falun-Gävle
833 Stockholm-Jönköping-Malmö
838 Örebro-Karlsborg-Skövde-Uddevalla
839 Jönköping-Skövde-Mariestad-Karlstad
840 Örebro-Motala-Jönköping
842 Örebro-Eskilstuna-Stockholm
843 Örebro-Karlskoga-Kristinehamn-Karlstad
846 Stockholm-Enköping-Västerås
849 Köpenhamn-Malmö-Göteborg
  • Now part of line 820.
855 Skänninge-Vadstena-Motala-Stockholm
856 Uppsala-Västerås-Örebro
862 Halmstad-Jönköping
865 Uddevala-Mariestad-Örebro
874 Uppsala-Västerås-Örebro
890 Mora-Borlänge-Falun-Stockholm
892 Stockholm-Uppsala-Falun-Borlänge
897 Gävle-Uppsala-Stockholm


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