Top Model (Sweden cycle 1)

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Top Model, cycle 1
Country of origin Sweden
No. of episodes 12
Original release September 12 – December 12, 2007
Followed by Cycle 2

Top Model (or Top Model Stockholm; abbreviated as Top Model Sthlm) was the first individual cycle of the Swedish adaptation of Top Model, based in Stockholm. It was hosted by Vendela Kirsebom, who was hosting Norway's Next Top Model at the same time. The winner of the competition was 18-year-old Hawa Ahmed.[1] The runner-up, 19-year-old Margarita Maiseyenka, was deported from Sweden back to Belarus after the show aired,[2] where she stayed for six months.[3]


(ages stated at start of contest)

Name Age Outcome Place
Hawa Ahmed[4] 18 Winner 1
Margarita Maiseyenka 19 Runner-up 2
Sanna Lindfors[5] 16 Eliminated in Episode 12 3
Pia Cossa Åkesson[6] 18 Eliminated in Episode 10 4
Jenny Andersson[7] 16 Eliminated in Episode 8 5
Malin Karlén N/A Eliminated in Episode 7 6
Daniella Pedersen[8] 20 Eliminated in Episode 6 8-7
Nadia Borra[9] 21
Pauline Naisubi[10] 22 Eliminated in Episode 5 9
Hanna Markendahl[11] 18 Eliminated in Episode 4 10
Linda Lindén[12] 21 Eliminated in Episode 3 11
Albulena Grajqevci 19 Eliminated in Episode 2 12


Call-out order[edit]

Vendela's call-out order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 12
1 Sanna Pauline Pia Pia Margarita Jenny Margarita Hawa Hawa Hawa Hawa
2 Pia Margarita Hawa Daniela Hawa Pia Sanna Pia Margarita Margarita Margarita
3 Daniela Sanna Pauline Pauline Jenny Margarita Pia Sanna Sanna Sanna
4 Pauline Hawa Nadia Malin Sanna Hawa Hawa Margarita Pia
5 Margarita Nadia Jenny Sanna Pia Sanna Jenny Jenny
6 Malin Pia Hanna Margarita Nadia Malin Malin
7 Nadia Daniela Sanna Hawa Malin Daniela
8 Linda Hanna Daniela Jenny Daniela Nadia
9 Albulena Jenny Margarita Nadia Pauline
10 Hawa Linda Malin Hanna
11 Hanna Malin Linda
12 Jenny Albulena
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant won the competition
  • In episode 11, no-one was eliminated

Photo Shoot Guide[edit]

  • Episode 1 Photoshoot: Superheroes in Stockholm
  • Episode 2 Photoshoot: Topless Beauty Shot
  • Episode 3 Photoshoot: Posing Topless in Black and White with a Male Model
  • Episode 4 Photoshoot: Yoga on the Water
  • Episode 5 Photoshoot: Country Couture
  • Episode 7 Photoshoot: Celebrity on the Red Carpet
  • Episode 8 Photoshoot: Posing with Animals
  • Episode 9 Photoshoot: Rooftop Shot atop the Globen
  • Episode 10 Photoshoot: Vintage Pin-ups
  • Episode 11 Photoshoot: Self-Provided and Directed Perfume Based on Personalities Endorsement
  • Episode 12 Photoshoot: Ballroom Dancer