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Strength athletics in Sweden refers to the participation of Swedish competitors and events in the field of strength athletics in association with the World's Strongest Man.


Sweden has a long and rich history of strength athletics dating back to the mid 1900s in the sport of Olympic weightlifting with Bo Johansson in the 1960s and 70's, and several top ranked IPF Powerlifters such as Lars Hedlund and Lars Norén during the 1980s. Sweden has been at the top international level in World's Strongest Man since the very beginning in the late 1970s with Lars Hedlund achieving numerous podium finishes. Sweden struggled through the 1980s and early 90's until the arrival of Magnus Samuelsson in 1995. Samuelsson would go on to win the 1998 World's Strongest Man, Sweden's only WSM title. Magnus continued to win major international contests and be a top podium finisher at WSM until his retirement in 2008. In recent years, Johannes Arsjo has continued to maintain Sweden's top position on the international scene with numerous podium finishes at major international contests.

National competitions[edit]

Sweden's Strongest Man[edit]

Sweden's Strongest Man
Tournament information
Location Sweden
Established 1995?
Format Multi-event competition
Current champion
Sweden Johannes Årsjö

Sweden's Strongest Man (Swedish: Sveriges Starkaste Man) is an annual strongman competition held in Sweden and featuring exclusively Swedish athletes. Magnus Samuelsson and Johannes Årsjö have both won the competition 9 times, thus currently (2017) sharing the record for most wins.

Top 3 placings[edit]


Year Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place
1995 Magnus Samuelsson
1996 Magnus Samuelsson Jorma Paananen Torbjörn Samuelsson
1997 Magnus Samuelsson Jörgen Ljungberg Torbjörn Samuelsson
1998 Torbjörn Samuelsson[2] Jorma Paananen
1999 Magnus Samuelsson Jorma Paananen Torbjörn Samuelsson
2000 Magnus Samuelsson Torbjörn Samuelsson Anders Johansson
2001 Magnus Samuelsson Torbjörn Samuelsson Anders Johansson
2002 Torbjörn Samuelsson Anders Johansson Jorma Paananen
2003 Magnus Samuelsson Jörgen Ljungberg Kalle Lane
2004 Magnus Samuelsson Jörgen Ljungberg Benny Wennberg
2005 Magnus Samuelsson Anders Johansson Robert Brolin
2006 Anders Johansson Björn Andersson Tomas Karlsson
2007 Anders Johansson Stefan Bergqvist Daniel Wiklund
2008 Anders Johansson Peter Rundberg Stefan Bergqvist
2009 Johannes Årsjö Anders Johansson Mikael Hoffner
2010 Johannes Årsjö Stefan Bergqvist Peter Rundberg
2011 Johannes Årsjö Martin Forsmark Stefan Bergqvist
2012 Johannes Årsjö Sebastian Davidsson Martin Forsmark
2013 Johannes Årsjö Sebastian Davidsson David Nyström
2014 Johannes Årsjö Martin Forsmark David Nyström
2015 Johannes Årsjö Martin Forsmark Johnny Hansson
2016 Johannes Årsjö Martin Forsmark Joachim Gustavsson
2017 Johannes Årsjö Martin Forsmark Johnny Hansson

Regional Competitions[edit]

Nordic Strongman Championships[edit]

The Nordic Strongman Championships consists of athletes from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.[3]

Year Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Location
2005 Norway Svend Karlsen Sweden Magnus Samuelsson Finland Juha-Matti Räsänen Norway IFSA Nordic Championships Kristiansand, Norway
2012[3] Sweden Johannes Arsjo Norway Lars Rorbakken Denmark Michael Licht Norway Nordic Championships Harstad, Norway
2013 Sweden Johannes Arsjo Norway Ole Martin Hansen Finland Juha Matti Jarvi Norway Giants Live Nordic Championships Norway