Sweden at the 1928 Summer Olympics

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Sweden at the Olympic Games

Flag of Sweden
IOC code  SWE
NOC Swedish Olympic Committee
Website www.sok.se (Swedish) (English)
At the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam
Competitors 100 in 11 sports
Rank: 4
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Sweden competed at the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 100 competitors, 87 men and 13 women, took part in 66 events in 11 sports.[1]


Medal Name Sport Event Date
 Gold Lundqvist, ErikErik Lundqvist Athletics Men's javelin throw August 2
 Gold Thofelt, SvenSven Thofelt Modern pentathlon August 4
 Gold Thorell, SvenSven Thorell Sailing Men's 12 foot dinghy August 9
 Gold Borg, ArneArne Borg Swimming Men's 1500 m freestyle August 6
 Gold Richthoff, JohanJohan Richthoff Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman heavyweight August 5
 Gold Sjöstedt, ThureThure Sjöstedt Wrestling Men's freestyle light heavyweight August 1
 Gold Svensson, RudolfRudolf Svensson Wrestling Men's freestyle heavyweight August 1
 Silver Byléhn, ErikErik Byléhn Athletics Men's 800 m July 31
 Silver Skiöld, OssianOssian Skiöld Athletics Men's hammer throw July 30
 Silver Ramm, NilsNils Ramm Boxing Men's heavyweight August 11
 Silver Bonde, CarlCarl Bonde
Janne Lundblad
Ragnar Olson
Equestrian Team dressage August 11
 Silver Lindman, BoBo Lindman Modern pentathlon August 4
 Silver Malmberg, EricEric Malmberg Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman featherweight August 5
 Bronze Wide, EdvinEdvin Wide Athletics Men's 5000 m August 3
 Bronze Wide, EdvinEdvin Wide Athletics Men's 10,000 m July 29
 Bronze Gentzel, IngaInga Gentzel Athletics Women's 800 m August 2
 Bronze Svedberg, RuthRuth Svedberg Athletics Women's discus throw July 31
 Bronze Berggren, GunnarGunnar Berggren Boxing Men's lightweight August 11
 Bronze Carlsson, GöstaGösta Carlsson Cycling Men's ondividual road race August 7
 Bronze Carlsson, GöstaGösta Carlsson
Erik Jansson
Georg Johnsson
Gösta Carlsson
Cycling Men's team road race August 7
 Bronze Sjöqvist, LauraLaura Sjöqvist Diving Women's 10 m platform August 11
 Bronze Olson, RagnarRagnar Olson Equestrian Individual dressage August 11
 Bronze Bjornstjerna, CarlCarl Bjornstjerna
Ernst Hallberg
Karl Hansén
Equestrian Team jumping August 12
 Bronze Hammar, ClarenceClarence Hammar
Tore Holm
Carl Sandblom
John Sandblom
Philip Sandblom
Wilhelm Törsleff
Sailing 8 metre class August 9
 Bronze Borg, ArneArne Borg Swimming Men's 400 m freestyle August 9



Men's Flyweight (– 50.8 kg)

  • First Round — Bye
  • Second Round — Lost to Hubert Ausbock (GER), points

Men's Heavyweight (+ 79.4 kg)


Four cyclists, all men, represented Sweden in 1928.

Individual road race
Team road race




Eight fencers, six men and two women, represented Sweden in 1928.

Men's foil
Men's épée
Men's team épée
Women's foil

Modern pentathlon[edit]

Three male pentathletes represented Sweden in 1928. Bo Lindman won the silver medal and Sven Thofelt won the gold.[2]






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