Sweden at the 1932 Summer Olympics

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Sweden at the
1932 Summer Olympics
Flag of Sweden.svg
IOC code SWE
NOC Swedish Olympic Committee
Website www.sok.se (Swedish) (English)
in Los Angeles
Competitors 81 [1] in 12 sports
Ranked 4th
Gold Silver Bronze Total
9 5 9 23
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)
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1906 Intercalated Games

Sweden competed at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, United States. 81 competitors, 78 men and 3 women, took part in 51 events in 12 sports.[2]


The following Swedish athletes won medals at the games.[3]

Medal Name Sport Event
 Gold Bertil Rönnmark Shooting Men's 50 metre rifle, prone
 Gold Johan Gabriel Oxenstierna Modern pentathlon Men's individual
 Gold Eric Malmberg Wrestling (Greco-Roman) Men's lightweight
 Gold Ivar Johansson Wrestling (Greco-Roman) Men's welterweight
 Gold Rudolf Svensson Wrestling (Greco-Roman) Men's heavyweight
 Gold Carl Westergren Wrestling (Greco-Roman) Men's light heavyweight
 Gold Ivar Johansson Wrestling (freestyle) Men's middleweight
 Gold Johan Richthoff Wrestling (freestyle) Men's heavyweight
 Gold Tore Holm
Martin Hindorff
Olle Åkerlund
Åke Bergqvist
Sailing Men's 6 metre class
 Silver Erik Svensson Athletics Men's triple jump
 Silver Thure Ahlqvist Boxing Men's lightweight
 Silver Bo Lindman Modern pentathlon Men's individual
 Silver Thure Sjöstedt Wrestling (freestyle) Men's light heavyweight
 Silver Bertil Sandström
Thomas Byström
Gustaf Adolf Boltenstern, Jr.
Equestrian Team dressage
 Bronze Allan Carlsson Boxing Men's featherweight
 Bronze Axel Cadier Wrestling (Greco-Roman) Men's middleweight
 Bronze Einar Karlsson Wrestling (freestyle) Men's featherweight
 Bronze Gustaf Klarén Wrestling (freestyle) Men's lightweight
 Bronze Gunnar Asther
Daniel Sundén-Cullberg
Sailing Men's Star class
 Bronze Clarence von Rosen, Jr. Equestrian Individual jumping
 Bronze Clarence von Rosen, Jr. Equestrian Individual eventing
 Bronze Bernhard Britz Cycling Men's individual time trial
 Bronze Arne Berg
Bernhard Britz
Sven Höglund
Cycling Men's team time trial




Four cyclists, all men, represented Sweden in 1932.

Individual road race
Team road race




Three fencers, all men, represented Sweden in 1932.

Men's épée

Modern pentathlon[edit]

Three male pentathletes represented Sweden in 1932.



Three shooters represented Sweden in 1932 with Bertil Rönnmark winning a gold medal.

50 m rifle, prone



Art competitions[edit]