Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2002

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Eurovision Song Contest 2002
Country  Sweden
National selection
Selection process Melodifestivalen 2002
Selection date(s) Semi-finals
19 January 2002
26 January 2002
2 February 2002
9 February 2002
Second Chance
22 February 2002
1 March 2002
Selected entrant Afro-dite
Selected song "Never Let It Go"
Finals performance
Final result 8th, 72 points
Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Sweden's pre-selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2002, Melodifestivalen 2002 was held on March 1, 2002 at Globen in Stockholm. However, there had for the first time been four semifinals around the country in various ice hockey arenas. A second chance heat had also been held. In total, 32 songs competed this year, compared to 10 the previous years. For the first time, songs could be sung in a language other than Swedish. Hosted by Kristin Kaspersen and Claes Åkesson, the final was won by Afro-dite after the disco group won both the televoting and jury voting. The song they performed was written by Marcos Ubeda and called "Never let it go".

At the contest Afro-dite were drawn to sing in 12th position, just before the interval. They eventually finished in 8th position (out of 24) with 72 points, receiving a maximum 12 points from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The representative for the home country, Estonia, Sahlene, was Swedish. She finished 3rd, and got 12 points from Sweden.

Melodifestivalen 2002 - Final[edit]

For the results of the semi-finals and second-chance round, see Melodifestivalen 2002.
Position Artist Song Points Place
1 Afro-Dite "Never Let It Go" 248 1st
2 Brandsta City Släckers "Kom och ta mig" 88 5th
3 Javiera Muñoz "No hay nada más" 71 6th
4 Barbados "Världen utanför" 90 4th
5 Hanna Hedlund & Lina Hedlund "Big Time Party" 43 9th
6 Östen med Resten "Hon kommer med solsken" 33 10th
7 Friends "The One That You Need" 46 8th
8 Kikki, Bettan & Lotta "Vem é dé du vill ha" 100 3rd
9 Jan Johansen "Sista andetaget" 65 7th
10 Méndez "Adrenaline" 162 2nd

At Eurovision[edit]

Points awarded by Sweden[edit]

12 points  Estonia
10 points  Finland
8 points  France
7 points  Spain
6 points  Bosnia and Herzegovina
5 points  Latvia
4 points  Malta
3 points  Belgium
2 points  United Kingdom
1 point  Cyprus
Points awarded to Sweden
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point