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The Swedish Armed Forces' radio alphabet was a radiotelephony alphabet made up of Swedish two-syllable male names with the exception of Z which is just the name of the letter as pronounced in Swedish.

The Swedish Armed Forces are since 2006 instructed to use the NATO alphabet instead of the original Swedish alphabet, along with and adaption of the NATO voice procedures to communicate, since most activity is in various international UN and NATO missions. This has been changed back again since the administrative authorities are required to use the Swedish language according to Swedish law even the Swedish Armed Forces.

Letter Word
A Adam
B Bertil
C Cesar
D David
E Erik
F Filip
G Gustav
H Helge
I Ivar
J Johan
K Kalle
L Ludvig
M Martin
N Niklas
O Olof
P Petter
Q Qvintus
R Rudolf
S Sigurd
T Tore
U Urban
V Viktor
W Wilhelm
X Xerxes (Swedish pronunciation: ['ksɛrksɛs])
Y Yngve
Z Zäta
Å Åke
Ä Ärlig
Ö Östen
Number Word
1 Ett
2 Tvåa
3 Trea
4 Fyra
5 Femma
6 Sexa
7 Sju
8 Åtta
9 Nia
0 Nolla

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