Swedish Bar Systems

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Swedish Bar Systems
Industry Inventory control system Hospitality Systems, Computer hardware
Founded 2005
Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
Website www.swedishbarsystems.com

Swedish Bar Systems is a Stockholm based supplier and distributor of a bar inventory management system specializing in liquor logistics in the hospitality industry. The system comprises hardware, software and services which is used to improve business strategies and processes. The information collected is used for research and business development and also synchronized with the establishments accounting and inventory processes to increase time management and revenue. Swedish Bar Systems currently has installations throughout Scandinavia.


Founded in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden, the company released the first bar inventory management system to use free pour spouts, able to measure the volume of liquor poured and wirelessly transfer the encoded information to a database. The pourers contain a flow sensor that measure the volume dispensed in real time, which provides an overview of the establishment inventory.

The System[edit]

Swedish Bar Systems manufactures and sells hardware, software and services for the liquor market. The systems hardware and software is used in the hospitality industry, which includes touch screen computers for showing and monitoring logistics. The spout measures free poured volumes and sends this information wirelessly to a receiver. The receiver collects all signals from the spouts and enters it into the database that handles the inventory.

Swedish Bar Systems provides numerous solutions for different establishments sizes, including single-entity, chains, franchises or multiple locations, including casinos, stadiums, and cruise ships. Swedish Bar Systems have the ability to interface with other POS systems such as Squirrel Systems and MICROS Systems. To connect bars or locations into one database a local server is set up, so the information can be shown on software modules.


Swedish Bar Systems received several million SEK investments in 2006, 2007 and later 2008 they were purchased by the listed company DQE Designed Quality Entertainment on the Nordic MTF list, a subsidiary to Börse Stuttgart.[1]


The company has been recognized by the Financial Times,[2] and awarded several national and international awards for their concept, among others McKinsey & Company - Venture Cup,[3] London school of Economics,[4] Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology [5] and Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES) [6] innovation award.

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