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En svensk klassiker, Swedish classic circuit, is a diploma awarded to those who have finished races in four race disciplines (cross country skiing, cycling, swimming and cross country running) during a 12-month period. The diploma was first awarded in 1972.

Thousands of people, mostly Swedes, take part in all four each year and receive the Swedish Classic Circuit award. More than 28,000 people (more than 4,500 women) have achieved this.[1]


Discipline Race Length Month
Cross country skiing Vasaloppet
Öppet spår
90 km
90 km
60 km
Cycling Vätternrundan 300 km June
Open water swimming Vansbrosimningen 3 km July
Cross country running Lidingöloppet 30 km September

There is a special version The women's classic circuit, Tjejklassikern, with four events, but about one-third so long distances, meant for those women who believe the real Classic Circuit is too demanding. Another special version is The half classic circuit, Halvklassikern, where the distances cover half the original events.


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