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The Swedish Crime Writers' Academy (Swedish: Svenska Deckarakademin), is a Swedish organization set up in 1971 to promote the writing of detective fiction and crime fiction.[1] Originally, the academy had 13 elected members; today the number of members is 24.

Prizes awarded each year by the Academy:

There are also a number of awards which are presented on an irregular basis:

  • Best Swedish debut novel (Bästa svenska Debut)
  • Grand Master Award for Lifetime Achievement (Auszeichnung für das Lebenswerk – Grand Master)
  • Best Fiction Book about crimes and crimes prosecution (Bästa faktabok)
  • Award for outstanding translations (Berömvärd översättargärnung)
  • Special Prize
  • Special Grand Master Award (for achievements in crime fiction) (Besondere Ehrung für Verdienste in der Kriminalliteratur)

Awards presented in the past:

  • Best Crime Novel Translated into Swedish – International
  • Best Thriller for Children and Adolescents (Barn & ungsdomsdeckare)


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