Swedish Military Intelligence and Security Service

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Military Intelligence and Security Service
Militära underrättelse- och säkerhetstjänsten
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MUST headquarters
Agency overview
Preceding agencies
  • Underrättelse- och säkerhetsledningen (USL)
  • Underrättelse- och säkerhetskontoret (USK)
HeadquartersSwedish Armed Forces Headquarters
Stockholm, Sweden
59°20′47″N 18°5′14″E / 59.34639°N 18.08722°E / 59.34639; 18.08722Coordinates: 59°20′47″N 18°5′14″E / 59.34639°N 18.08722°E / 59.34639; 18.08722
Agency executives
WebsiteOfficial site

Military Intelligence and Security Service (Swedish: Militära underrättelse- och säkerhetstjänsten, MUST) is a division of the Swedish Armed Forces Central Command.

MUST is both a foreign intelligence and a military security/counterintelligence agency. In its intelligence role, MUST is responsible for providing intelligence on foreign threats to the Government of Sweden and the Swedish Armed Forces. However, signals intelligence is handled by a separate civilian agency operated by the Ministry of Defence, the Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA), which is not part of MUST.

MUST is legally prohibited from gathering intelligence on Swedish domestic affairs, except in its more narrowly defined role a counter-intelligence agency tasked with identifying threats to the armed forces, such as sabotage, espionage, or infiltration. Domestic security and civilian counterintelligence in a non-military setting are handled by the Swedish Security Service (SÄPO), a civilian agency unaffiliated to MUST.


MUST consists of the following departments:

Underrättelsekontoret (UNDK, Intelligence Office)
Tasked with acquiring strategic intelligence for Central Command and Ministry of Defence decision-making, as well as aiding deployed Swedish military units.
Säkerhetskontoret (SÄKK, Security Office)
Tasked with electronic and cyberwarfare, counterintelligence, cryptography, and personnel vetting, including to protect the Swedish Armed Forces against espionage or infiltration.
Kontoret för Särskild Inhämtning (KSI, Office for Special Acquisition)
Tasked with espionage abroad, including human intelligence and interagency relations, as well as clandestine activities. Little is known about KSI, which is generally considered the most secret part of MUST.

MUST co-operates on various matters with other defence agencies, including the Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA), the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV).

The current Director of MUST is Major General Lena Hallin. Even though MUST is technically a part of the military, a majority of the staff is civilian.[1]


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