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Swedish Olympic Committee
Swedish Olympic Committee logo
Country/Region Sweden
Created27 April 1913
HeadquartersStockholm, Sweden
PresidentMats Årjes
Secretary GeneralGunilla Lindberg
The Swedish Olympic Committee has its offices in one of the towers of the Stockholm Olympic Stadium, the main arena of the 1912 Summer Olympics.

The Swedish Olympic Committee (SOC) (Swedish: Sveriges Olympiska Kommitté (SOK)) is the Swedish National Olympic Committee (NOC). The Swedish Olympic Committee organize the Swedish participation in the Olympics, choose the participants and run the "Elitprogrammet".

Members of the committee are 45 sports federations, which elect the Executive Council composed of the president and twelve members.


The Swedish Olympic Committee was founded on 27 April 1913[1] and recognized by International Olympic Committee the same year.


The Swedish Olympic Committee has had the following presidents:[1]

President Term
Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf 1913–1933
Prince Gustaf Adolf 1933–1947
Prince Bertil 1947–1997
Carl Gustav Anderberg 1997–2000
Stefan Lindeberg 2000–2016
Hans Vestberg 2016–2018
Mats Årjes 2018– present

Notable names of the International Olympic Committee[edit]

Name Comments Year
Viktor Balck Original member 1894–1921
Sigfrid Edström Former President 1942–1952
Gunilla Lindberg Vice President 2001–2013

Executive committee[edit]

The committee of the SOC is represented by:[2]

Member federations[edit]

The Swedish National Federations are the organizations that coordinate all aspects of their individual sports. They are responsible for training, competition and development of their sports. There are currently 38 Olympic Summer and seven Winter Sport Federations and the 17 Non-Olympic Sport federations in Sweden.[3]

Olympic Sport federations[edit]

National Federation Summer or Winter Headquarters
Swedish Archery Association Summer Sörberge
Swedish Athletics Association Summer Solna
Swedish Badminton Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Baseball and Softball Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Basketball Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Biathlon Federation Winter Östersund
Swedish Bobsleigh and Luge Federation Winter Skellefteå
Swedish Boxing Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Canoe Federation Summer Ursviken
Swedish Climbing Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Curling Federation Winter Danderyd
Swedish Cycling Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Equestrian Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Fencing Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Figure Skating Federation Winter Stockholm
Swedish Football Federation Summer Solna
Swedish Golf Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Gymnastics Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Handball Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Hockey Federation Summer Gothenburg
Swedish Ice Hockey Association Winter Johanneshov
Swedish Judo Federation Summer Uppsala
Swedish Karate Federation Summer Johanneshov
Swedish Pentathlon Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Rowing Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Rugby Union Summer Norrköping
Swedish Sailing Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Shooting Sport Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Skating Association Winter Stockholm
Swedish Ski Association Winter Falun
Swedish Swimming Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Table Tennis Federation Summer Köping
Swedish Taekwondo Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Tennis Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Triathlon Federation Summer Gothenburg
Swedish Volleyball Federation Summer Stockholm
Swedish Weightlifting Federation Summer Örebro
Swedish Wrestling Federation Summer Stockholm

Non-Olympic Sport federations[edit]

National Federation Headquarters
Swedish Air Sports Federation Bromma
Swedish American Football Federation Stockholm
Swedish Bandy Federation Stockholm
Swedish Boule Federation Stockholm
Albanian Bowling Federation Stockholm
Swedish Budo and Martial Arts Federation Stockholm
Swedish Chess Federation Uppsala
Swedish Cricket Federation Stockholm
Swedish Dancesport Federation Stockholm
Swedish Floorball Federation Solna
Swedish Frisbee Federation Gothenburg
Swedish Orienteering Federation Stockholm
Swedish Parasports Federation Stockholm
Swedish Sportsdiving Federation Stockholm
Swedish Squash Federation Malmö
Swedish Walking Association Gothenburg
Swedish Waterski and Wakeboard Federation Halmstad

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