Swedish Pentecostal Movement

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Swedish Pentecostal Movement
Filadelfiakyrkan stockholm framsida.JPG
The Philadelphia Church in Stockholm
SeparationsMaranata Movement (around 1960)

The Swedish Pentecostal Movement (Swedish: Pingströrelsen i Sverige) is a Protestant community consisting of 463 congregations (as of 31 December 2011)[1] which together make up the Swedish pentecostalism movement. Many, but not all, of these, are members of The Pentecostal Alliance of Independent Churches.

The movement came to Sweden in 1906–1907. Pentecostalism is the largest non-Lutheran Christian denomination in Sweden. Regular church attendance is higher among Swedish Pentecostals than Swedish Lutherans of the Church of Sweden despite the significant difference in the number of members.

The number of members in the movement reach to figures over 120,000 adherents. In order to achieve membership, one must accept Jesus Christ as their lord and saviour through adult baptism. However, today, some local congregations are using other requirements. Sometimes someone who has been previously baptized as a child, is not required to be baptized again (in a Pentecostal way) in order to become a member.

Lewi Pethrus may be considered the founder of the movement with his influential literature and views.

Swedish Pentecostal missionaries Daniel Berg and Gunnar Vingren traveled to Brazil and founded Assembleias de Deus, today the 4th largest national Protestant body in the world.


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