Swedish People's League in the Baltic Sea Provinces

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Swedish People's League in the Baltic Sea Provinces (Swedish: Svenska Folkförbundet i Östersjöprovinserna; Estonian: Rootsi Rahvaliit) was a political party in Estonia, representing interests of the Swedish minority population.


The party was founded in 1917, and began publishing Kustbon the following year.[1] In March 1919, the party held its congress.[2]

Due to the small size of the Swedish minority, the party was unable to have any impact running alone. In the 1929 elections it formed an alliance with the German-Baltic Party, which resulted in a 20% increase in their combined vote share.[3] At the time the party was led by Hans Pöhl, a former members of the Christian People's Party. After Pöhl died in 1930, Mathias Westerblom took over as party leader.[4]

In 1935 the publication Kustbon was banned, as political organizations were no longer allowed to issue publications. Nya Kustbon was founded in its place, as a non-party publication.[5]

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