Swedish Poles

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Swedish Poles
Szwedzcy Polacy
Total population
1.23% of the Swedish population)
Regions with significant populations
Stockholm and Malmö
Predominantly Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism

Swedish Poles (Swedish: Svenskpolacker), also called Polish Swedes, are Swedish citizens or residents of Polish ethnic, cultural and linguistic heritage or identity. There are 78,175 people born in Poland living in Sweden today, as well as 40,100 people born in Sweden with at least one parent born in Poland.[1]

Notable people[edit]


  • Jerzy Einhorn, medical doctor, researcher and politician (Kristdemokraterna)
  • Jerzy Sarnecki, professor in criminology at Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Samuel Linde, linguist, librarian, and lexicographer of the Polish language




  • Adam Cwejman, lobbyist and former politician. Cwejman has mixed Polish Catholic, Ukrainian Orthodox and Jewish background.
  • Eliza Roszkowska Öberg, Moderate Party politician

Royalty and nobility[edit]

  • Catherine Jagiellon, Duchess of Finland (1562–83), Queen Consort of Sweden (1569–83), Grand Princess of Finland (1581–83) and heir to her mother's claim to the title of King of Jerusalem
  • Cnut the Great, King of Denmark, England, Norway and parts of Sweden
  • John II Casimir Vasa, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania
  • Sigismund III Vasa, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania
  • Władysław IV Vasa, Polish and Swedish prince from the House of Vasa



Writers and journalists[edit]