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The Swedish Publicists' Association (Swedish: Publicistklubben) is a Swedish organisation devoted to promoting freedom of the press and free speech in journalism.

The Association was founded in Stockholm in 1874, has today a membership of about 5,200 and seven chapters in different regions of Sweden. It arranges debates on current topics and hands out prizes as well as scholarships, funded by a donation from Lars Johan Hierta.


Freedom of Speech prize[edit]

This prize is given in memory of Anna Politkovskaya, the murdered Russian journalist, writer, and human rights activist.


  1. ^ "PK:s yttrandefrihetspris till fängslade journalisten Khadija Ismayilova, Azerbajdzjan". 24 April 2015. Retrieved 18 July 2015. The Swedish National Press Club’s Freedom of Speech award 2015, in memory of Anna Politkovskaya, will be presented to Khadija Ismayilova from Azerbaijan 

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