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Nordic Resistance Movement
Nordiska motståndsrörelsen
Leader Pär Öberg
Founded 1 December 1997
Headquarters Stockholm
Newspaper Nordfront
Ideology National Socialism
Political position Far right
Colours Green
0 / 349
European Parliament
0 / 18
0 / 1,662
0 / 12,978
Party flag
Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen Flag.svg
Politics of Sweden
Political parties
Members of SMR taking part in a demonstration on National Day in Stockholm on June 6, 2007. Police are escorting the demonstrators to prevent violent clashes with anti-racists

The Nordic Resistance Movement (Swedish: Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen), also known as the NMR, is a Swedish, militant neo-nazi[1] organisation and political party[2] that exists in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Its leader is Pär Öberg.

The organisation is known for its political as well as violent opposition to Antifa and immigration in Sweden. According to the Swedish Security Service, SMR is a nazi group that represents a serious threat to Sweden's internal security.[3] SMR is considered a central actor in Sweden's white power movement.[4]


In the mid-1990s, former members of White Aryan Resistance (VAM) were released from prison and formed the core of the Swedish Resistance Movement.[5] The organisation was founded in December 1997 by individuals working with Folktribunen, the neo-National Socialist magazine, and members of National Youth and VAM, the now discontinued far-right organisation.[6]


The aim of Swedish Resistance Movement is to establish a Nordic National Socialist government by revolution or elections.[7] The organisation says its fight will require bloodshed.[8] SMR praise Adolf Hitler[9] and Corneliu Codreanu in their publications.


Their main tactics are distributing leaflets about crimes committed by foreigners and immigrants in Sweden, arranging public rallies, and training their members in martial arts and other physical activities such as marches and paintball. Their camps in the Swedish woods have led some people to believe that they are training for a civil war or a revolution, although all such claims have been publicly rejected by the organisation. In November 2003 the Swedish Security Service raided homes of leading members, among them Klas Lund, who was later sentenced to prison for illegal possession of firearms.[10]

They also publish the Nationellt Motstånd magazine.[citation needed]

Kärrtorp attack[edit]

On 15 December 2013, 30 to 40 members of the Swedish Resistance Movement attacked an anti-racist demonstration in Kärrtorp, a suburb of Stockholm. The activist network Linje 17, named after the subway line that passes through Kärrtorp, organized the demonstration after Nazi symbols had been painted in several locations. The attack left many people injured, including young and elderly protestors.[11][12] In late April 2014, a man who stabbed one of the neo-Nazis during the attack with a knife was convicted and given a six-year prison sentence.[13] Seven of the neo-Nazis involved in the attacks were sentenced from six to eight months imprisonment.[14]


Little is known about the leadership, but its founder and former leader is Klas Lund. Pär Öberg is now the leader of the organisations political arm.[15]

Youth organisation[edit]

Nationell Ungdom was the youth organisation of the Swedish Resistance Movement. However, in May 2006 it was announced that the youth organisation was being disbanded and all its members and activities would now become part of the main organisation.[citation needed] The main reason given was that "no youth organisation has ever made any revolutionary changes in society" and that it would be better if the young recruits were groomed as adults.

Branches in neighbouring countries[edit]

The Finnish Resistance Movement (Finnish: Suomen vastarintaliike) is a Finnish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement.

The Norwegian Resistance Movement (Norwegian: Den Norske Motstandsbevegelsen) is a Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement.

The Danish Resistance Movement is a Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement.


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