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National Agency for Social Insurance

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Swedish: Försäkringskassan) is a government agency in Sweden that administers social insurance in Sweden.


  • Unemployment benefits (Swedish: Arbetslöshetskassa)
  • Immigrant support and allowances (Swedish: Etableringsersättning)
  • Pensions and disability benefits and allowances (Swedish: Pension och förtidspensionering)
  • Parental Leave Benefit (Swedish: Föräldrapenning)
  • Parental Equality Bonuses (Swedish: Jämställdhetsbonus)
  • Maternity Benefits (Swedish: Graviditetspenning)
  • Child allowance (Swedish: Barnbidrag)
  • Housing benefit and allowance (Swedish: Bostadsbidrag)
  • Sickness benefit (Swedish: Sjukpenning)
  • Rehabilitation allowance (Swedish: Rehabiliteringsersättning)
  • Enforcement of domestic and international Child Support orders (Swedish: Barnunderhåll)
  • Student benefits and allowances (Swedish: Studiebidrag och studiepenning)

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