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The Swedish Sports Confederation (Swedish: Riksidrottsförbundet, RF) is the umbrella organisation of the Swedish sports movement. Through its member organisations, it has three million members in 22 000 clubs.[1] The Confederation was formed in 1903. Its present chairman, since 2015, is Björn Eriksson.


According to the website, their tasks are to:[2]

  • Speak on behalf of the united sports movement in contacts with politicians, the government and other institutions/organisations
  • Coordinate the sports movement in fields like research and development
  • Provide service in areas where these cannot or don't want to build up their own competence
  • In certain areas act in place of the government, e g through distributing givernmental grants to sports

Member organisations[edit]

Specialised sports federations affiliated to the Swedish Sports Confederation:[3]

 * Also member of the Swedish Olympic Committee.

List of presidents[edit]

The Confederation has had the following presidents:[4]


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