Swedish Union of Journalists

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Journalistforbundet logo.png
Full name Swedish Union of Journalists
Native name Journalistförbundet
Founded 1901
Members 19,000
Affiliation TCO, IFJ
Office location Stockholm, Sweden
Country Sweden
Website www.sjf.se

The Swedish Union of Journalists (Swedish: Journalistförbundet, SJF) is a trade union in Sweden. It is affiliated with the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees, and the International Federation of Journalists.


The SJF has a membership of more than 19 000 members:

  • 8,000 work within the daily newspapers
  • 2,300 with public radio and television
  • 1,800 as freelancers
  • 900 as information officers or editors of small membership papers
  • 800 with magazines
  • 500 with private commercial audiovisual companies
  • 400 with political or specialized reviews

1,700 are retired members, 700 are students in journalism, and an additional 1,000 are unemployed.

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