Swedish driving side referendum, 1955

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'No' vote campaign poster. Translated it reads: "Keep left-hand traffic. Vote NO on 16/10."

A non-binding referendum on the introduction of right hand traffic was held in Sweden on 16 October 1955.[1]

The voter turnout was 53.2%, and the suggestion failed by 15.5% against 82.9%.[1] However, eight years later, in 1963, the Riksdag approved the change, following pressure from the Council of Europe and the Nordic Council.[2] Traffic in Sweden switched from driving on the left-hand side of the road to the right on 3 September 1967 (see Dagen H).


Summary of
the referendum
Votes Percent
Yes 400,061 15.5
No 2,139,996 82.9
Blank votes 41,630 1.6
Total 2,581,687 100
Invalid votes 6,043
Eligible voters 4,866,100
Turnout 2,587,730 53.2

Source: Nationalencyklopedin[3]
See also: Swedish Election Authority[4]

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