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For the Swedish ice hockey league named Division 1, see Swedish Division 1 (ice hockey).
Swedish Division 1
Swedish Football Division 1 Logo.jpg
Country Sweden Sweden
Confederation UEFA (Europe)
Founded 2006
Divisions 2
Number of teams 28
Level on pyramid 3
Promotion to Superettan
Relegation to Division 2
Current champions AFC United (Norra)
Utsiktens BK (Södra)
Website Ettan Fotboll
2015 Division 1

Division 1 is the third level in the league system of Swedish football and comprises 28 Swedish football teams. Division 1 had status as the official second level from 1987 to 1999, but was replaced by Superettan in 2000; however, it was recreated for the 2006 season as the third tier below Superettan.


The old Division 1 replaced Division 2 as the second highest level in 1987 and consisted of two separate leagues with 14 teams each, Norra (Northern) and Södra (Southern), except for the 1991 and 1992 seasons which comprised 32 teams in four leagues, adding Östra (Eastern) and Västra (Western).

The competition[edit]

There are 28 clubs in Division 1, divided in two groups of 14 teams each representing Northern and Southern Sweden. During the course of a season (starting in April and ending in October) each club plays the others twice, once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents, for a total of 26 games. At the end of each season the three lowest placed teams of each group are relegated to Division 2 and the six winning teams from the six Division 2 leagues are promoted in their place. The top team in each Division 1 group is promoted to Superettan and the two lowest placed teams from Superettan are relegated in their place. The second placed teams in each Division 1 group plays a promotion/relegation play-off against the third and fourth lowest teams in Superettan.[1]

Current clubs (2015 season)[edit]

Stadia and locations[edit]


Team Location Stadium Stadium capacity1
Akropolis IF Stockholm Akalla BP 2,000
IK Brage Borlänge Domnarvsvallen 6,500
Carlstad United Karlstad Tingvalla IP 10,000
Dalkurd FF Borlänge Domnarvsvallen 6,500
BK Forward Örebro Trängens IP 4,700
Huddinge IF Huddinge Källbrinks IP 1,000
IFK Luleå Luleå Skogsvallen 7,000
Motala AIF Motala Motala Idrottspark 8,500
Nyköpings BIS Nyköping Rosvalla IP 1,000
Piteå IF Piteå LF Arena 6,000
Södertälje FK Södertälje Södertälje IP 1,400
Umeå FC Umeå T3 Arena 10,000
Vasalunds IF Solna Skytteholms IP 3,000
Västerås SK Västerås Swedbank Park 7,000


Team Location Stadium Stadium capacity1
Eskilsminne IF Helsingborg Harlyckans IP 2,500
IS Halmia Halmstad Örjans Vall 15,500
Husqvarna FF Huskvarna Vapenvallen 4,000
FC Höllviken Höllviken Höllvikens IP 1,900
Kristianstads FF Kristianstad Kristianstads IP 6,000
Landskrona BoIS Landskrona Landskrona IP 12,000
Lunds BK Lund Klostergårdens IP 8,560
Norrby IF Borås Borås Arena 17,800
IK Oddevold Uddevalla Rimnersvallen 10,600
Oskarshamns AIK Oskarshamn Arena Oskarshamn 2,000
Qviding FIF Gothenburg Valhalla IP 4,000
Trelleborgs FF Trelleborg Vångavallen 10,000
Örgryte IS Gothenburg Valhalla IP 4,000
Östers IF Växjö Myresjöhus Arena 12,000
  • 1 Correct as of end of 2014 season

Seasons - Previous Winners[edit]

Second tier[edit]

Season League Won Promotion Won Promotion Playoffs Lost Promotion Playoffs
1987 Norra Djurgårdens IF N/A N/A
Södra GAIS N/A N/A
1988 Norra Örebro SK N/A N/A
Södra Halmstads BK N/A N/A
1989 Norra Hammarby IF N/A N/A
Södra Östers IF N/A N/A
1990 Norra N/A GIF Sundsvall N/A
Södra N/A N/A BK Häcken
1991 Norra N/A N/A Kiruna FF
Östra N/A N/A Hammarby IF
Västra N/A Västra Frölunda IF N/A
Södra N/A Trelleborgs FF N/A
1992 Norra N/A N/A IFK Sundsvall
Östra N/A IK Brage N/A
Västra N/A BK Häcken N/A
Södra N/A Halmstads BK N/A
1993 Norra Hammarby IF N/A Vasalunds IF
Södra Landskrona BoIS N/A IFK Hässleholm
1994 Norra Djurgårdens IF N/A Umeå FC
Södra Örgryte IS N/A Kalmar FF
1995 Norra Umeå FC N/A Gefle IF
Södra IK Oddevold N/A GAIS
1996 Norra Västerås SK N/A Hammarby IF
Södra IF Elfsborg Ljungskile SK N/A
1997 Norra Hammarby IF N/A Djurgårdens IF
Södra Västra Frölunda IF BK Häcken N/A
1998 Norra Djurgårdens IF Umeå FC N/A
Södra Kalmar FF N/A Landskrona BoIS
1999 Norra GIF Sundsvall N/A Assyriska FF
Södra BK Häcken GAIS N/A

Third tier[edit]

Season League Won Promotion Won Promotion Playoffs Lost Promotion Playoffs
2006 Norra Enköpings SK IK Sirius N/A
Södra IF Sylvia Bunkeflo IF N/A
2007 Norra Assyriska FF FC Väsby United N/A
Södra Qviding FIF Ängelholms FF N/A
2008 Norra Syrianska FC Vasalunds IF N/A
Södra FC Trollhättan N/A Östers IF
2009 Norra Degerfors IF IK Brage N/A
Södra Östers IF N/A Skövde AIK
2010 Norra Västerås SK N/A IK Sirius
Södra IFK Värnamo N/A Qviding FIF
2011 Norra Umeå FC N/A FC Väsby United
Södra Varbergs BoIS N/A IF Sylvia
2012 Norra Östersunds FK N/A BK Forward
Södra Örgryte IS N/A Lunds BK
2013 Norra IK Sirius N/A Dalkurd FF
Södra Husqvarna FF N/A IK Oddevold
2014 Norra AFC United IK Frej Täby N/A
Södra Utsiktens BK N/A Örgryte IS

Note: In 2007 the runners up were promoted automatically without playoffs because of Allsvenskan expanding to 16 teams.


Top goalscorers Norra[edit]

Nigerian forward Kennedy Igboananike became topscorer in Division 1 Norra 2008 with Vasalunds IF.
Veteran Danish forward Allan Borgvardt has been one of the most prolific players during the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Division 1 seasons with an overall 48 goals in 68 games.
Season Player Team Goals
2006 Sweden Anders Lindberg Visby IF Gute 14
2007 Sweden Andreas Hermansson Umeå FC 16
2008 Nigeria Kennedy Igboananike Vasalunds IF 18
2009 Sweden Johan Eklund IK Brage 21
2010 Sweden Danny Persson Umeå FC 17
2011 Kenya Robert Mambo Mumba Dalkurd FF 16
2012 Sweden Emir Smajic Östersunds FK
Västerås SK
2013 Sweden Stellan Carlsson BK Forward 18
Nigeria Moses Ogbu IK Sirius
2014 Sweden Sencer Soguk Valsta Syrianska IK 16

Top goalscorers Södra[edit]

Season Player Team Goals
2007 Sweden Freddy Söderberg IFK Värnamo 23
2008 Sweden Niklas Moberg Carlstad United BK 21
2009 Sweden Jörgen Nilsson Kristianstads FF 17
2010 Sweden Ken Hansson FC Rosengård 23
2011 Denmark Allan Borgvardt IF Sylvia 19
2012 Sweden Johan Patriksson IK Oddevold 24
2013 Denmark Allan Borgvardt IF Sylvia 15
2014 Sweden Salif Camara Jönsson Lunds BK 27


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