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SweeTarts (/ˈswt.tɑːrts/; officially stylized as SweeTARTS) are sweet and sour candies invented by Jeff Sousa in 1962. The candy was created using the same basic recipe as the already popular Pixy Stix and Lik-M-Aid products, in response to parents' requests for a less-messy candy. In 1963, SweeTarts were introduced with the same flavors as the popular Pixy Stix: cherry, grape, lemon, lime, and orange.[citation needed]

Sunline, Inc., became the Sunmark Companies and was later bought by Rowntree Mackintosh, of the United Kingdom, which was, in turn, taken over by Nestlé. Nestlé rolled the SweeTarts family of candies into the already-existing Willy Wonka Candy Company family of brands.[citation needed]

Related products[edit]

Giant Chewy SweeTarts

SweeTarts also come in a variety of other products including gum, little SweeTarts (often packaged to be handed out as Halloween trick-or-treat candy), SweeTart "hearts" for Valentine's Day, "chicks, ducks and bunnies" shaped SweeTarts for Easter and SweeTarts Jelly Beans (marketed for Easter in some regions of the US), "skulls and bones" for Halloween, and Giant Chewy SweeTarts, which are a larger, chewier variant of SweeTarts that come four to a package, and are the size of a silver dollar and ¼ inch thick. The Giant Chewy SweeTarts have also retained the Orange flavour discontinued in the standard SweeTarts products, as have the Mini Chewy SweeTarts variety. SweeTarts Soft & Chewy Ropes are available in Cherry Punch flavor, and were originally named Kazoozles.


  • Pink: Cherry
  • Purple: Grape
  • Blue: Blue Punch
  • Orange: Orange (retired as of 2014)
  • Green: Green Apple (lime before 2001)
  • Yellow: Lemon

In 2001, Nestlé replaced the original lime with green apple. In 2009, Nestlé stopped making lemon (yellow), but put it back into the lineup of flavors in 2014. Also, the flavors are more tart now than in the past.[citation needed] The current flavors in the SweeTarts roll are: blue punch (blue), cherry (pink), grape (purple), lemon (yellow) and green apple (green). Retired flavors include lime (the former flavor for green). The large boxes recently have not included orange.[citation needed]

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