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Sweet Kiss is a Japanese pop band made up of Saaya Irie, Runa Okada, and Jessica. They have debuted only releasing a couple of songs.

The band rumored its breakup on May 12, 2006. Two of the members, Irie and Okada, went on to form a new trio, named "Chase," with Rio Iguchi. Furthermore, all Chase members starred together in a number of Japanese horror movies. These include Carved (Slit Mouthed Woman) and Shoujo Rei (Girl Ghost).


As Sweet Kiss, in addition to all Sweet Kiss members performing a special audio track in the anime DVD set Class 5-2, Sweet Kiss also released a number of songs for the anime. Note, in the special edition Saaya voiced the role of Chika!

  • Baby Love
  • Yakusoku


CM (Commercials)[edit]



  • While neither Sweet Kiss nor Chase has put out a lot of music, the music they did released inspired a string of acoustic tributes.
  • Yakusoku piano tribute
  • Babylove piano tribute

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