Sweet Pain

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Sweet Pain
Origin New York City
Genres Glam metal
Years active 1984-1986
Associated acts L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat, The Throbs, Angels In Vain, Saigon Saloon, Joker Five Speed, Action City Blackout, G.G. Gangster
Past members Corky Gunn
Adrian Vance
Scarlet Rowe
Kelly Nickels
Ronnie Taz
Victor Prestin
Jaime Keane

Sweet Pain was a band from New York City.

The band went through at least two line-ups.

The band featured singer Corky Gunn and guitarists Adrian Vance and Scarlet Rowe.

At one point bassist Kelly Nickels and drummer Ronnie Taz quit and were replaced by bassist Victor Prestin and drummer Kaime Keane.

Scarlet Rowe was also in Saigon Saloon, Angels In Vain, Joker Five Speed, and Action City Blackout.

Kelly Nickels was also in L.A. Guns and Faster Pussycat.

Ronnie Taz was also in The Throbs.

Jaime Keane was also in G.G. Gangster.

They released a self-titled album in 1985 on Combat Records. It features a pre-L.A. Guns version of "Shoot For Thrills", as well as a cover of the song "Subway Terror" by the 1970s band Starz.

Sweet Pain is also the name of a Netherlands-based Kiss cover band.

Sweet Pain is also the name of another American band. They recorded an Lp with the same name in 1970. United Artists UAS 6793. Members are: David Riordan (rhythm guitar, vocals), J.C. Phillips (marimba, vocals), Frank Demme (bass, vocals), Carl Johnson (guitar), Bob Spalding (guitar) and Marty Foltz (drums, percussion) 01. Upside-Down, Inside out Woman 0:00 02. Chain Up the Devil 3:39 03. Pine Canyon Stream 7:09 04. By Myself 9:25 05. Joy 13:07 06. Berkeley Lady 21:56 07. Start Off With You 25:26 08. Richard and Me 33:04 09. Got to Get Your Hands on It 37:22 10. The Lover 41:28

Sweet Pain LP (1985)[edit]

  1. I Get My Kicks
  2. Subway Terror (Starz)
  3. Down On The Boulevard
  4. Back In L.A.
  5. Shoot For Thrills (Into The Night) (Kelly Nickels) (re-recorded by L.A. Guns)
  6. Wink Of An Eye
  7. Knock Your Socks Off
  8. New Toy
  9. Two Time Lover (extra track on cassette version only)

(CD reissue extra tracks)[edit]

10. Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) (Elton John)


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