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Sweet Pea (song)

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"Sweet Pea"
Single by Tommy Roe
from the album Sweet Pea
B-side"Much More Love"
GenreBubblegum pop
LabelABC Records 10762
Songwriter(s)Tommy Roe
Producer(s)Gary S. Paxton
Tommy Roe singles chronology
"Doesn't Anybody Know My Name (Two-Ten, Six-Eighteen)"
"Sweet Pea"
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"Sweet Pea" is a bubblegum pop song written and performed by Tommy Roe. It was produced by Gary S. Paxton.[1] and featured on his 1966 album, Sweet Pea.[2] In the lyrics, the singer spots a girl at a dance whom her friends call "Sweet Pea." There's no explanation of how she got this nickname. After dancing with her, he suggests they go for a walk where he tells her he loves her and wants her to be his girl.[3]

Chart performance


The song reached number 1 in Canada,[4] number 1 in New Zealand, number 7 in Australia,[5] and number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1966.[6] It ranked number 44 on Billboard magazine's Top Hot 100 songs of 1966.[7]

Other versions


In media

  • Samantha Morton performs a frenetic dance to the tune in the 1999 film Jesus' Son.[13]
  • The song is also played in the background in two episodes of the Hulu drama mini series, The Girl from Plainville (2022).


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