Sweet Relationship

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Sweet Relationship
Sweet Relationship-poster.JPG
Promotional poster for Sweet Relationship
Also known as 美味關係
Měiwèi Guānxì
Delicious Relationship
Genre Romance
Directed by Chu Yu-ning (瞿友寧)
Starring Vic Chou
Patty Hou
Alan Kuo
Megan Lai
Opening theme "愛上這世界" (In Love With This World) by Vic Chou
Ending theme "Don't Say Goodbye" by Alan Kuo
Country of origin Taiwan
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 20
Producer(s) Chai Zhi Ping (柴智屏)
Running time 90 mins (Sundays at 22:00 to 23:30)
Production company(s) Comic Ritz International Production
Original network Chinese Television System (CTS)
Original release 16 September 2007 (2007-09-16) – 27 January 2008 (2008-01-27)
Preceded by Why Why Love (換換愛)
Followed by Wish to See You Again (這裡發現愛)
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Sweet Relationship (traditional Chinese: 美味關係; simplified Chinese: 美味关系; pinyin: Měiwèi Guānxì) is a 2007 Taiwanese drama starring Vic Chou of F4, Alan Kuo, Megan Lai and Patty Hou. It is based on a Japanese josei manga Oishii Kankei (おいしい関係?, lit. "Delicious Relationship") by Satoru Makimura. It was produced by Comic Ritz International Production (可米瑞智國際藝能有限公司) with Chai Zhi Ping (柴智屏) as producer and directed by Chu Yu-ning (瞿友寧).

The series was first broadcast in Taiwan on free-to-air Chinese Television System (CTS) (華視) from 16 September 2007 to 27 January 2008, every Sunday from 22:00 to 23:30 and cable TV Gala Television (GTV) Variety Show/CH 28 (八大綜合台) from 22 September 2007 to 2 February 2008, every Saturday at 21:00. It only received moderate rating despite the promising cast as well as story. The average rating of the drama after the final episode was 1.50.


The story revolves around two polar opposites who wouldn't have met if it hadn't been for luck. Chang Bai Hui (Patty Hou) is a simple girl with extraordinary taste when it comes to food and dining. She could tell the difference between fine dining and a poor cooked meal in an instant. Ever since she was little, food has been the center of her world. It celebrated her college graduation and consoled her when her beloved father died.

Fang Zi Tian (Vic Chou) is a world-renowned Chef who could have easily made headlines if he cared about it. He has an amazing cooking talent that sets him apart, and an ability to gain anyone's respect in the cooking world. Yet, he found no joy in what he does.

By stroke of fate, their paths cross several times. Though at first Zi Tian was less than pleased to have Bai Hui hanging around his life, he eventually grew to enjoy having her. Bai Hui's arrival in his life not only reignites his passion for cooking but it also taught him countless lessons in life. Just like Zi Tian, though in a different manner, Bai Hui was also changed. She grew up and matured to understand the world better, but none were to happen if it hadn't been for the help of those around them.



Sweet Relationship
Soundtrack album by Joanna Wang, Megan Lai, Alan Kuo, and Vic Chou
Released 17 December 2007
Genre Mandopop
Language Mandarin
Label Sony Music Entertainment (Taiwan)

Sweet Relationship Original Soundtrack (美味關係 電視原聲帶) was released on 17 December 2007 by Joanna Wang, Megan Lai, Alan Kuo, and Vic Chou under Sony Music Entertainment (Taiwan). It contains ten songs, in which four songs are various instrumental versions of some songs. The opening theme song is "Ai Shang Zhe Shi Jie" or "In Love With This World" by Vic Chou, while the ending theme song is by Alan Kuo entitled "Don't Say Goodbye".[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. "In Love With This World" (愛上這世界 (Ai Shang Zhe Ge Shi Jie)) Vic Chou  
2. "Don't Say Goodbye" Alan Kuo  
3. "You And Me" (有你有我 (You Ni You Wo)) Megan Lai (賴雅妍)  
4. "Maze" (迷宮 (Mi Gong)) Joanna Wang  
5. "Intuition" (直覺 (Zhi Jue)) Megan Lai (賴雅妍)  
6. "I Love You" Joanna Wang  
7. "Maze inst." (迷宮 (Mi Gong))    
8. "In Love With This World inst." (愛上這世界 (Ai Shang Zhe Ge Shi Jie))    
9. "Intuition inst." (直覺 (Zhi Jue))    
10. "Don't Say Goodbye inst."    


Chinese Television System (CTS) Ratings
Original Broadcast Date Episode Average Nationwide
16 September 2007 01 1.67
23 September 2007 02 1.50
30 September 2007 03 1.81
7 October 2007 04 1.50
14 October 2007 05 1.69
21 October 2007 06 1.77
28 October 2007 07 1.48
4 November 2007 08 1.46
11 November 2007 09 1.39
18 November 2007 10 1.35
25 November 2007 11 1.54
2 December 2007 12 1.63
9 December 2007 13 1.46
16 December 2007 14 1.46
23 December 2007 15 1.47
30 December 2007 16 1.28
6 January 2008 17 1.55
13 January 2008 18 1.37
20 January 2008 19 1.27
27 January 2008 20 1.42
Average Rating 1.50

Source: Chinatimes Showbiz

International Broadcast[edit]

  • It was aired in the Philippines through Q-11 which was dubbed in Tagalog on May 24 at 15:00 (PST) under the working title Magic Taste.


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