Sweet Stranger and Me

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Sweet Stranger and Me
Sweet Stranger and Me Poster.jpg
Also known asThe Man Living in Our House
Based onThe Man Living in Our House
by Yoo Hyun-sook
Written byKim Eun-jung
Directed byKim Jung-min
StarringSoo Ae
Kim Young-kwang
Lee Soo-hyuk
Jo Bo-ah
Kim Ji-hoon
Opening theme"Fool" by Kim Jong-kook
"Going Through Your Heart" by Henry feat. Mark
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes16
Executive producer(s)Lee Kun-jun
CinematographyKim Kyung-hoo
Running time60 mins
Production company(s)Content K
Original networkKBS2
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original releaseOctober 24 (2016-10-24) –
December 13, 2016 (2016-12-13)
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Sweet Stranger and Me (Korean우리집에 사는 남자; RRUrijib-e Saneun Namja; lit. The Man Living in Our House) is a South Korean television series based on the 2015 webtoon of the same name by Yoo Hyun-sook. It was aired every Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:00 (KST) on KBS2.[1][2][3]


Hong Na-ri (Soo Ae) is a middle-aged flight attendant who suddenly comes home to find her deceased mother's husband, Go Nan-gil (Kim Young-kwang), has decided to live in her house. The problem is her mother's husband is three years younger than Hong Na-ri. Go Nan-gil runs a dumpling shop inherited from his late wife, where the shop and Na-ri's house are located on a hotly disputed land.[4]



A headstrong but meticulous flight attendant for Asiana Airlines who trusts her intuition too much and has trouble managing her emotions. She is left out in the cold when her boyfriend of nine years, Jo Dong-jin, whom she planned to marry cheats on her with her colleague, Do Yeo-joo. At first, Na-ri distrusts her stepfather Go Nan-gil and regards him as a con artist. However she later shows respect and starts to develop intimate relationship with him. She is still looking for the whereabouts of Hong Sung-kyu, her biological father.
The owner of Hong Dumplings. He had a rough past as a legendary gangster and debt collector in the bond industry. He has seen a lot for a man in his mid-20s, but behind the mix of light and dark, as well as warmth and coldness, he is a young man with a soft heart and has a desire to protect his family. He made a promise to his late wife, Shin Jung-im, to maintain the ownership of their dumpling shop and houses at all cost. Nan-gil later develop intimate relationship with his stepdaughter, Hong Na-ri.
A genius and ambitious company director born with a golden spoon in his mouth. With a problematic family and inheritance issues to deal with, he can be cruel and moody but hides his dark nature with a cool facade. He has a law degree but ceases to practice it, instead he runs a robot museum in Seulgi, which gives him nickname "Robot" by the local people. He has been tasked by his father, chairman of the Green Land, to take the ownership of lands around Hong Dumplings and turn it into a holiday resort. Deuk-bong also has a crush on Na-ri.
A lively flight attendant, who is the eldest in her family. She uses her looks as a weapon and has lied and stolen her way to hiding her poverty ever since she was young. She is more comfortable befriending men who, unlike women, easily fall for her lies. Yeo-joo is disliked by her fellow colleagues due to her bad behaviors. She is burdened by the medical condition of her father which motivates her into having a relationship with a rich guy, so she can support her family. She is currently in relationship with Jo Dong-jin, Hong Na-ri's former boyfriend.
Na-ri's insecure boyfriend, who cheats on her with Yeo-joo. Although he is currently in relationship with Yeo-Joo, he is still unsure with his decision to leave Hong Na-ri.


Na-ri's family[edit]

  • Kim Mi-sook as Shin Jung-im (Na-ri's mother & Nan-gil wife)
The original owner of Hong Dumplings. Her scenes are only shown in flashbacks. She maintains and runs the dumpling shop albeit a large amount of debts left by her first husband, Hong Sung-kyu. Jung-im often visited Go Nan-gil in the orphanage during his childhood. Both later married (without Na-ri's knowledge) and lived together until she was killed in a mysterious accident.
A man who is living under the threat of violence from Dada Finance, due to his inability to pay the debts he owes to them. His relationship with Na-ri isn't that close; they rarely communicates since Na-ri works as a flight attendant.
  • Noh Yeong-guk as Hong Sung-kyu (Na-ri's father & Jung-im first husband)
A man who owns a large sum of debt to Dada Finance. Currently his whereabouts is unknown.

Hong Dumplings[edit]

Green Land[edit]

A young girl who is having a bad relationship with her parents and decides to live with her estranged brother in Seulgi. Duk-shim is anti-social, prefers to be solitary than hanging out with her school friends, who occasionally bullies her. She has a crush on Nan-gil, due to the past actions taken by Nan-gil to save her. She starts to work in Hong Dumplings to attract Nan-gil's attention. Duk-shim hates Na-ri and regards her as an obstacle between her and Nan-gil.
The chairman of Green Land. He has a plan to own and transform lands around Hong Dumplings into a holiday resort.

Dada Finance[edit]

The main antagonist of the series. He is known for his notoriety of using illegal means to give loans and extort repayments from his debtors. He does not hesitate to use violence or blackmail to fulfill his goals. Go Nan-gil used to work for him. He has a plan to seize Hong Dumplings as collateral due to the inability of Hong Sung-kyu to pay a large sum of debt to Dada Finance.
Byung-woo's subordinate

Flight Attendants[edit]


Guest appearance[edit]

  • Jang Do-yeon as Jung Hyun's fiancee (Passenger) (Ep. 1 & 8)
  • In Gyo-jin as ER Doctor (Ep. 1-2)
  • Hong Seok-cheon as Yong Chul (Health trainer) (Ep. 2 & 5)
  • Kim Young-ok as Grandma Oh Rye (Ep. 7)
  • Lee Mi-do as Lee Mi-sun, writer of Variety show "Top Three Eating King" (Ep. 9-10)
  • Lee Ah-ri as Assistant writer of Variety show "Top Three Eating King" (Ep. 9-10)


First script reading took place on September 12, 2016 at KBS Broadcasting Station in Yeouido, Seoul, South Korea.[9]

Yoo Seung-ho was first offered the male lead role, but declined.

Original soundtracks[edit]

OST Part 1[edit]

1."Fool (바보야)"Kim Yeong-ahYoon Il-sangKim Jong-kook3:21
2."Fool (바보야)" (Inst.) Yoon Il-sang 3:21
Total length:6:42

OST Part 2[edit]

1."Going Through Your Heart (니 맘에 들어갈래)"Henry, SAY, YoyoHenry, Gen Neo, MageHenry feat. Mark (NCT)3:16
2."Going Through Your Heart (니 맘에 들어갈래)" (Inst.) Henry, Genneo, Mage 3:16
Total length:6:32

OST Part 3[edit]

1."Want (원해)"Cho PDYoon Il-sangCho PD, JeA (Brown Eyed Girls)4:20
2."Want (원해)" (Inst.) Yoon Il-sang 4:20
Total length:8:40

OST Part 4[edit]

1."Slowly, Little By Little (소소하게 조금씩)"Choi Jae-wooIdiot Park, Peter Pan, Crazy GirlJunggigo, Dawon (Cosmic Girls)3:29
2."Still Love (그래도 사랑)"Yoon Min-soo, Choi Seong-ilYoon Min-soo, KingMingIm Se-jun4:29
3."Slowly, Little By Little (소소하게 조금씩)" (Inst.) Idiot Park, Peter Pan, Crazy Girl 3:29
4."Still Love (그래도 사랑)" (Inst.) Yoon Min-soo, KingMing 4:29
Total length:15:56

OST Part 5[edit]

1."You and I (너랑 나랑)"Solji (EXID)5:11
2."You and I (너랑 나랑)" (Inst.) 5:11
Total length:10:22

OST Part 6[edit]

1."Still Love (그래도 사랑)" (Acoustic ver.)Im Se-jun4:28
2."Still Love (그래도 사랑)" (Acoustic ver., Inst.) 4:28
Total length:8:56

OST Part 7[edit]

1."When The First Snow Falls ('Miss You Much' 2nd Story)"The Ade3:44
2."When The First Snow Falls ('Miss You Much' 2nd Story)" (Inst.) 3:44
Total length:7:38

Chart Songs[edit]

Chart Performance
Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Remarks
(Kim Jong-kook)
Part 1


  • In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.
  • NR denotes that the drama didn't make it into the daily Top 20 list.
Episode # Date Average audience share
TNmS Ratings[12] AGB Nielsen[13]
Nationwide Seoul National

Capital Area

Nationwide Seoul National

Capital Area

October 24, 2016
8.2% (16th)
9.5% (10th)
9.0% (11th)
9.1% (12th)
October 25, 2016
9.9% (11th)
11.2% (5th)
10.6% (6th)
10.7% (6th)
October 31, 2016
6.6% (NR)
8.2% (15th)
7.4% (18th)
8.0% (14th)
November 1, 2016
7.0% (18th)
7.3% (14th)
8.5% (10th)
9.0% (8th)
November 7, 2016
5.9% (NR)
6.7% (20th)
7.5% (NR)
7.7% (17th)
November 8, 2016
4.6% (NR)
5.4% (NR)
6.4% (NR)
6.9% (17th)
November 14, 2016
4.2% (NR)
4.4% (NR)
4.5% (NR)
4.9% (NR)
November 15, 2016
4.6% (NR)
4.9% (NR)
4.7% (NR)
4.6% (NR)
November 21, 2016
5.1% (NR)
3.7% (NR)
November 22, 2016
4.4% (NR)
3.9% (NR)
November 28, 2016
3.4% (NR)
4.3% (NR)
November 29, 2016
3.2% (NR)
3.5% (NR)
December 5, 2016
3.5% (NR)
4.1% (NR)
December 6, 2016
3.3% (NR)
3.4% (NR)
December 12, 2016
2.9% (NR)
3.5% (NR)
December 13, 2016
3.2% (NR)
4.0% (NR)
Average 5.0% - 5.6% -

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result
30th KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries
Kim Young-kwang
Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries
Soo Ae
Jo Bo-ah

International Broadcast[edit]

  • Vietnam Vietnam: HTV2 (from February 28th to March 1st)


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