Sweet chili sauce

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Sweet chili sauce
Coconut shrimp with a sweet chili sauce.jpg
Coconut shrimp with a sweet chili sauce
Alternative namesSweet Thai chili sauce
Place of originThailand
Main ingredientsRed chili peppers
Ingredients generally usedRice wine vinegar, garlic, fish sauce, fruit or refined sugar or honey

Sweet chili sauce (also known as Sweet Thai chili sauce), known as nam chim kai in Thailand (Thai: น้ำจิ้มไก่; lit.'dipping sauce for chicken'), is a popular chili sauce condiment in Thai, Afghan, Malaysian, and Western cuisine. It is commonly made with red chili peppers (often Fresno chile, Thai or red jalapeños), rice wine vinegar, sometimes garlic, sometimes fish sauce, and a sweetening ingredient such as fruit or a refined sugar or honey.[1]

It is popular as a dip in European Chinese restaurant dishes such as prawn toast, egg rolls, lettuce wraps, chicken wings and spring rolls. It can also be purchased in bottle form. In Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, and the United States, "sweet Thai chili sauce" is available as a condiment at many takeaway stores and supermarkets.[citation needed]

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