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Sweetback is an English band composed of members from the band Sade, not including the frontwoman Sade Adu. They are a jazz/funk band with R&B overtones. Stuart Matthewman, Paul Denman and Andrew Hale had been recording with female vocalist Sade Adu since 1984. The group Sweetback formed in 1994 at the conclusion of Sade's Love Deluxe World Tour. Their albums feature a host of guest vocalists such as Leroy Osbourne, Amel Larrieux, Maxwell, Aya (Lysa Aya Trenier), Bahamadia, Chocolate Genius, and El Debarge.[1]


  • Stuart Matthewman (guitar, saxophone)
  • Paul Spencer Denman (bass)
  • Andrew Hale (piano, keyboards)



  • Sweetback - (1996 Epic/Sony)
  • Stage 2 - (2004 Epic/Sony)


  • "You Will Rise" - (1997 Epic/Sony)
  • "Au Natural" - (1997 Epic/Sony)
  • "Lover" - (2004 Epic/Sony)
  • "Things You'll Never Know" - (2004 Epic/Sony)


  • "You Will Rise" - (1997)
  • "Lover" - (2004)
  • "Things You'll Never Know" - (2004)


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