Sweevo's World

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Sweevo's World
Developer(s) Roy Carter, Greg Follis
Publisher(s) Gargoyle Games
Platform(s) Sinclair Spectrum, Amstrad CPC
Release 1986
Genre(s) Arcade adventure
Mode(s) Single-player

Sweevo's World is an isometric 3D arcade adventure game released by Gargoyle Games in 1986 for the Sinclair Spectrum and Amstrad CPC. An enhanced version for the Spectrum 128K was also released, titled Sweevo's Whirled. The game was followed by a sequel, Hydrofool.


The artificial planetoid Knutz Folly has been overrun by the bizarre genetic experiments of the mad Baron Knutz. It's up to the robot SWEEVO (Self Willed Extreme Environment Organism) to clean the place up and thereby achieve Active Status.


Sweevo must find and destroy the malfunctioning Waste Ingestion and Janitor Units ("Wijus") that are supposed to keep Knutz Folly clean, while avoiding various hostile creatures and structures. Among the other characters inhabiting Knutz Folly are the Goose Which Laid The Golden Erg (sic), the Horrible Little Girls ("Minxes"), and the Goose-Stepping Dictators. "Brownies" may be collected for additional brownie points.

Sweevo cannot jump and must rely on elevators to climb obstacles. He is not armed but can kill enemies by dropping objects on them or manoeuvring them into traps.


  • The game was partially inspired by the Laurel and Hardy films, with Sweevo modelled on Stan Laurel.
  • The game contains visual references to Knight Lore by Ultimate, which was very popular at the time of release.
  • A complex scoring system is used, however according to the instruction leaflet this is "largely irrelevant"; Sweevos Whirled contains a bug which prevents the player from achieving a full score.
  • A bug in the 48K Spectrum version allows the player to lose two lives at once under certain circumstances. If this happens when only one life is left, the lives counter wraps around to 255.[1] The usual maximum is five.


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