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Swerve is the name given to several fictional characters in the Transformers universes. Swerve is always depicted as an Autobot land vehicle with red color. Up until 2008, there has never been a Transformer named Swerve with his own original mold - he has only been a repaint or remold from someone else but the running theme of him being red in color continues. The only original Transformer figure given the name Swerve was a Chevrolet Aveo given away as a promotional item for General Motors.

Transformers: Generation 1[edit]

Transformers character
G1 toy card artwork
Allegiance Autobot.
Sub-Group Mini-Bot
Rank 5
Function scientist,fighter
Partner Tailgate, Pipes, Bumblebee, and Outback
Motto "You don't want to me to out-think or fight you do you?."
Alternate mode Truck
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Transformers: Alternators

Swerve's (Japanese name: Wave) first appearance was during 1986 where he was a Mini-Bot with an SUV mode - a remold of Gears. His bio characterized him as a typical absent minded scientist and one of the strongest characters.

Animated series[edit]

As with most Mini-Bots released during that year, Swerve's first appearance in the original cartoon was during the fifth part of "Five Faces of Darkness" (episode #70) where he helped his fellow Mini-Bots defend the Ark against the gigantic Decepticon Trypticon but unfortunately gets stepped on.

His second and last appearance in the cartoon was during episode #76 "Thief In The Night".

Dreamwave Productions[edit]

Swerve later made a cameo appearance in Dreamwave's War and Peace #3 - "Cold War" and later G1 #2 - "Black Sunshine" as one of the Mini-Bots being trained after Shockwave's defeat.


  • Generation 1 Swerve (1986)
A remold of the Autobot Gears.[1]
  • Alternators Swerve (Chevrolet Corvette Z06) (2005)
Swerve made another appearance as the fifteenth Alternator, where he was a red redeco of the Chevrolet Corvette C5 Z06 Tracks with a new head sculpt. Unlike most Alternators, Swerve did not make an appearance in the Japanese equivalent, Binaltech. Again, thanks to Hasbro's lack of characterization, it is not known how this upgrade has affected Swerve or even why he became an Alternator in the storyline.[2]
Because Swerve is a red redeco of Tracks, he bears a resemblance to Road Rage, the name of a Japanese exclusive red repaint of Generation 1 Tracks.
  • Generations Deluxe Swerve (2012)
A red redeco of Transformers: Generations Deluxe Kup with a different head sculpt, originally released exclusively in the Asian market. This toy was imported as a Toys R Us exclusive in the United States in the fall of 2012.[3]

Transformers: Universe (2004)[edit]

Sub-group Deluxe Vehicles
Partner Roadhandler
Alternate modes Cybertronian Racer
Series Transformers: Universe

Swerve reappeared with great surprise to many during 2004 as a red repaint of the Armada Autobot Blurr. He is now partnered to the Mini-Con Roadhandler. It is not known if he is an original character, or possibly related to Generation 1 Swerve or Armada Blurr.

Early information about this character out of China in April 2004 referred to this character as Blurr.[4]

3H Enterprises[edit]

Swerve single appearance in any fiction was in Transformers: Universe #2 by 3H Enterprises. He was among the Transformers captured by Unicron and freed in a massive prison break by Optimus Primal and his allies.

Animated series[edit]

Oddly enough, a car similar to Universe Swerve has made cameos in the Transformers: Cybertron television series, but he's never been named, and he's not an exact match for color.


  • Universe Swerve with Roadhandler (2004)
A redeco of Armada Blurr with Incinerator.[5][6]

Transformers: Cybertron[edit]

Cybertron Swerve art
Sub-group Scouts
Alternate modes Velocitronian race car (which resembles a modified Ferrari F355)
Series Transformers: Cybertron

This Swerve is nothing like the original as his biography describes him as a highly competitive racing robot. Unfortunately he is too competitive. After being banned, he got involved in underground street racing, where he feels right at home.

Fun Publications[edit]

Blurr, Excellion, Longrack, and Swerve appear among Override's troops in the Transformers Collectors Club exclusive story The Dark Heart of Sandokan by Benson Yee. This story is set years after the events of the Transformers: Cybertron animated series. Override (now in her GTS form) is commanding the Autobot ship Star Arrow when it crashes on the planet Sandokan while transporting a Force Chip.

Swerve is a minor background character appearing in Fun Publications fiction Gone Too Far a text-based story set on Transtech Cybertron. During a rally held by the Decepticon Gutcruncher, Swerve is briefly address when Gutcruncher says "Swerve! You were a champion of Velocitron’s most dangerous races, but here you’re a freak in a cage!"[7]


  • Cybertron Scout Swerve (2006)
In 2006, a new character with the name Swerve was released as a Hasbro-only redeco of the Scout class toy Clocker.
In 2006 a special edition of Swerve was available in Walmart stores which contained a DVD with the episode "Cybertron" as a promotional item – although he wasn't in that episode. His color scheme, combined with Clocker's design, resembled the original Windcharger character.


Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Swerve figure
Sub-group Deluxe Vehicles, Legends Vehicles
Partner Ironhide and Mudflap
Alternate modes Chevrolet Camaro Concept (card game), Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept (toy line)
Series Transformers
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Swerve was released in the Transformers movie card game and Revenge of the Fallen toy line.


All toys of this character are officially licensed from General Motors.

  • Transformers 3D Battle Card Swerve (2007)
Swerve is among the characters which appeared in the Transformers 3D Battle card game by Wizards of the Coast. He is a red redeco of movie Sideswipe, much like the toy of Sideswipe in the movie toy line. Oddly, there is a card for Sideswipe that greatly resembles the Alternators Swerve toy. It is possible the images of the two character somehow were swapped.
  • Revenge of the Fallen Legends Swerve (2009)
A red redeco of Legends Sideswipe. Bundled in the Target exclusive Legends Class "Straightaway Shootout" gift set.[8]
  • Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Swerve (2009)
A red redeco of Deluxe Sideswipe with a different head sculpt. Like Sideswipe, Swerve features retractable blades on his forearms. MechAlive feature consists of moving hydraulics on his legs.[9]

Transformers: Universe (2008)[edit]

Universe Swerve toy
Sub-group Deluxe Vehicles
Alternate modes Chevrolet Aveo sedan
Series Transformers: Universe

A new mold that transforms into a Chevrolet Aveo sedan. Hasbro produced the figure at cost for General Motors as thanks for their successful partnership with the movie franchise. It was designed for a promotional campaign in European markets, with the figures given away to people who test-drove a real Aveo. The figures were never meant to be sold; a handful were left after the promotion had ended, and so they were shunted onto the website where these last few remainders very quickly sold out. This information was revealed by Hasbro executives at BotCon 2008. However, this figure is currently being given away at malls across the Greater Toronto Area as a promotion for GM's new contest. Upon entering, this is one of the items given as a free thank you gift.


  • Universe Deluxe Swerve (2008)
This toy was initially given away in Europe to people who test-drove the real Chevrolet Aveo, then the leftover stock was sold at European Chevy dealers online.[10]