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Swift Morgan was a British science fiction hero created in 1948 by Denis McLoughlin and his brother Colin and first published by Boardman Books in their series of rotogravure comic books (1948-1954). Swift, with his plucky girl companion Silver, faced all manner of fantastic adventures from other worldly to time travel. Boardman Books also used Swift in text stories published in their children's annuals in the 1950s.


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Stories published in Collections[edit]

The New Spaceways Comic Annual No 1 Greycaines 1954

  1. Swift Morgan and the Ancient Egyptians picture strip story
  2. Swift Morgan and the Flying Saucers picture strip story
  3. Swift Morgan and the Menace of the Red Mists text story
  4. Swift Morgan and the Pirates of Space text story

All Worlds Album 1950s softback

  1. Swift Morgan and the Feathered Serpent picture strip story

The Adventure Annual Greycaines, for the popular Press Ltd., 1953

  1. ...Robot Empire picture strip story