Swimming Pool (2001 film)

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For the 2003 film, see Swimming Pool (film).
Swimming Pool - Der Tod feiert mit
Der Tod feiert mit poster.jpg
Promotional poster
Directed by Boris von Sychowski
Produced by Benjamin Herrmann
Werner Possardt
Written by Lorenz Stassen
Ryan Carrassi (dialogue)
Starring James McAvoy
Isla Fisher
Kristen Miller
Jason Liggett
Cordelia Bugeja
John Hopkins
Music by Johannes Kobilke
Cinematography Notker Mahr
Edited by Sabine Mahr-Haigis
Distributed by Senator Film Produktion GmbH
Calypso Filmproduktion
Artisan Entertainment
Senator Film
Home Entertainment Corporation PLC
Release date
Running time
89 minutes
Country Germany
Language English

Swimming Pool is a 2001 German slasher film, known in Germany as Swimming Pool - Der Tod feiert mit and The Pool in the United States. It was directed by Boris von Sychowski and stars James McAvoy, Isla Fisher, Kristen Miller, and Jason Liggett. It was followed by Swimming Pool 2 in 2005.


To celebrate graduation, a group of international students, which consists of Sarah (Kristen Miller), Mike (James McAvoy), Greg (Thorsten Grasshoff), Carmen (Elena Uhlig), Mel (Cordelia Bugeja), Frank (John Hopkins), Chris (Jonah Lotan), Diego (Maximilian Grill), Carter (Bryan Carney), and Svenja (Linda Rybová), go to a nearby swimming pool, with the help of their friend, Marty (Jason Liggett). Everybody enjoys themselves, except Mike, who has just broken up with his girlfriend Kim (Isla Fisher). As Kim is making her way home, she's attacked by a masked killer, who murders her with a machete.

At the park, everybody starts partying and drinking. When Chris attempts to push Sarah into the pool, she kicks him in the face, pissing him off. Meanwhile, Carter and Svenja go swimming together. Svenja goes to a slide, and Carter waits for her, but he's attacked by the killer, who hacks him to death, before splitting Svenja vertically in half when she comes down the slide.

Frank gets drunk and later leaves to throw up, while Marty and Mel also leave to have sex. While Marty is looking for condoms, Mel is attacked by the killer, but escapes, while the others discover the bodies of Svenja and Carter. They find Marty, and they leave to look for Mel, but arrive too late, as Mel is killed.

Greg and Diego leave for help, while Marty, Carmen, Mike, and Sarah try to escape through the air vents, and Chris stands guard with an axe. In the air vents, Mike and Marty are killed, but Sarah and Carmen escape, and hide. While they hide, Carmen reveals to Sarah that she slept with Greg. Greg then comes in, but Carmen knocks him out, apologizing to Sarah before escaping through a pool shaft.

A police officer (who had gathered clues of a girl that was killed in the beginning of the film) reaches the park, but is quickly killed. Carmen finds his body, before she too is apparently killed. Inside, Sarah, now all alone, finds Frank, who reveals himself as the killer before attacking her. Sarah attempts to escape, but Frank starts slashing at her with the machete, while revealing that he wanted revenge against everybody for feeling mistreated, as well as killing his ex-girlfriend Catherine and her new boyfriend Oliver at the beginning of the film.

Greg wakes up and jumps to the pool, while Sarah manages to set Frank on fire. Frank jumps to the pool and he and Greg begin fighting. Frank gains the upper hand, injuring Greg's shoulder, but Sarah grabs a broken bottle and enters the water before stabbing Frank repeatedly. As Sarah and Greg are exiting the pool, Frank suddenly rises again, but Carmen, revealed to be alive, shoots him until he's dead.

As the day dawns, help reaches the pool, and Carmen is taken to the hospital. After Chris and Diego are revealed to be alive, Sarah forgives Greg for sleeping with Carmen and their relationship survives.


Actor / Actress Character
Kristen Miller Sarah
James McAvoy Mike
Isla Fisher Kim
Jason Liggett Marty
Cordelia Bugeja Mel
Elena Uhlig Carmen
John Hopkins Frank
Thorsten Grasshoff Greg
Jonah Lotan Chris
Maximilian Grill Diego
Bryan Carney Carter
Linda Rybová Svenja
Daniel Wurm Tommy
Anna Geislerová Catherine
Jan Vlasák Kadankov
Josef Pejchal (as Josef Pejchl) Oliver
Marek Libert Kadankov's assistant
Karel Belohradsky Security guard

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