Swimming Pool (album)

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Swimming Pool
Al Jones Swimming Pool.jpg
Studio album by Al Jones
Released 1998
Recorded 1998
Genre Folk, folk rock
Label Weekend Beatnik

Swimming Pool is the last album by the noted British folk/blues/rock songwriter, guitarist and singer Al Jones. It marked his return to writing and recording after many years of relative obscurity. All the tracks are written by Jones himself and published by Rogue Music. The album was recorded at Le Nevek, Cornwall.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I'm So Happy"
  2. "Angelina"
  3. "Your Face is Pink"
  4. "There Goes the Sun"
  5. "Long Time Sleeping"
  6. "Lady Mildred"
  7. "Swimming Pool"
  8. "Easy Life"
  9. "Love and Money"
  10. "Percy in a Hearse"
  11. "You'd Better Get Out"
  12. "In a Box"
  13. "7 Old Hats"
  14. "Down Again"
  15. "Rock and Roll (Live)"
  16. "In Stormy Weather"


  • Al Jones - vocals, electro-acoustic guitars, Ashbory bass, Ashbory Plank
  • Shelley Trower - flute
  • Jake Walton - hurdy-gurdy
  • John Renbourn - guitar
  • Wizz Jones - guitar, vocals
  • George Stevens - percussion
  • Keith Marshall - drums, percussion
  • Justin Bennett - drums
  • Ivan Wellington - bass
  • Helen D'Amnation-Davies - violin
  • Emily Jones - voice
  • Jake Jones- piano, keyboard
  • Steve Turner- electric guitar, vocals

Catalogue number[edit]


  • Re-mastering:Nick & Julie Turner, Watercolour Music
  • Post-production:Nick Freeth
  • Photography and cover design: Jali Roll Martian