Swimming at the 1896 Summer Olympics

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At the 1896 Summer Olympics, four swimming events were contested, all for men. They were planned and organized by the Sub-Committee for Nautical Sports. All events took place on 11 April in the Bay of Zea. There was a total of 13 participants from 4 countries competing.

Medal table[edit]

1 Hungary (HUN)2002
2 Greece (GRE)1337
3 Austria (AUT)1102
Totals (3 nations)44311

Medal summary[edit]

These medals are retroactively assigned by the International Olympic Committee; at the time, winners were given a silver medal and subsequent places received no award.

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 m freestyle
 Alfréd Hajós (HUN)  Otto Herschmann (AUT) none awarded
500 m freestyle
 Paul Neumann (AUT)  Antonios Pepanos (GRE)  Efstathios Chorafas (GRE)
1200 m freestyle
 Alfréd Hajós (HUN)  Ioannis Andreou (GRE)  Efstathios Chorafas (GRE)
Sailors 100 m freestyle
 Ioannis Malokinis (GRE)  Spyridon Chazapis (GRE)  Dimitrios Drivas (GRE)

Participating nations[edit]

A total of 19 swimmers from 4 nations competed at the Athens Games:

Sub-Committee for Nautical Sports[edit]

  • HRH Prince George of Greece, president
  • Pavlos Damalas, secretary
  • Dimitrios Kriezis
  • Konstantinos Sachtouris
  • Georgios Koundouriotis
  • Dimitrios Argyropoulos
  • Konstantinos Kanaris
  • K. Argyrakis


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