Swimming at the 1900 Summer Olympics

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At the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, seven swimming events were contested. Only men competed in the swimming competition. There was a total of 76 participants from 12 countries competing.[1]

Medal table[edit]

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Great Britain (GBR) 2 0 1 3
2  Australia (AUS) 2 0 0 2
 Germany (GER) 2 0 0 2
4  France (FRA) 1 2 2 5
5  Austria (AUT) 0 3 1 4
6  Hungary (HUN) 0 2 1 3
7  Denmark (DEN) 0 0 1 1
 Netherlands (NED) 0 0 1 1
Total 7 7 7 21

Medal summary[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
200 m freestyle
 Frederick Lane (AUS)  Zoltán Halmay (HUN)  Karl Ruberl (AUT)
1000 m freestyle
 John Arthur Jarvis (GBR)  Otto Wahle (AUT)  Zoltán Halmay (HUN)
4000 m freestyle
 John Arthur Jarvis (GBR)  Zoltán Halmay (HUN)  Louis Martin (FRA)
200 m backstroke
 Ernst Hoppenberg (GER)  Karl Ruberl (AUT)  Johannes Drost (NED)
200 m team swimming
 Germany (GER)[2]
Ernst Hoppenberg
Max Hainle
Julius Frey
Max Schöne
Herbert von Petersdorff
 France (FRA)
Maurice Hochepied
Victor Hochepied
Joseph Bertrand
Victor Cadet
 France (FRA)
René Tartara
Louis Martin
Désiré Merchez
Georges Leuillieux
200 m obstacle event
 Frederick Lane (AUS)  Otto Wahle (AUT)  Peter Kemp (GBR)
Underwater swimming
 Charles Devendeville (FRA)  André Six (FRA)  Peder Lykkeberg (DEN)

Participating nations[edit]

A total of 76 swimmers from 12 nations competed at the Paris Games:


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  3. ^ Houben did not compete; however, he is listed in the IOC's medal database as part of the Neptune team.


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