Swimming at the 1920 Summer Olympics – Women's 100 metre freestyle

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Women's 100 metre freestyle
at the Games of the VII Olympiad
Ethelda Bleibtrey, Violet Walrond, Jane Gylling, Irene Guest, Frances Schroth, Constance Jeans 1920.jpg
Venue Stade Nautique d'Antwerp
Dates August 23–25
Competitors 19 from 9 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Ethelda Bleibtrey  United States
2nd, silver medalist(s) Irene Guest  United States
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Frances Schroth  United States
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1924 →
Swimming at the
1920 Summer Olympics
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The women's 100 metre freestyle was a swimming event held as part of the swimming at the 1920 Summer Olympics programme.[1] It was the second appearance of the event, which was one of the two women's events held in 1912.

A total of 19 swimmers from nine nations competed in the event, which was held on Monday, August 23 and on Wednesday, August 25, 1920.


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in minutes) prior to the 1920 Summer Olympics.

World Record 1:16.2 Australia Fanny Durack Sydney (AUS) February 6, 1915
Olympic Record 1:19.8 Australia Fanny Durack Stockholm (SWE) July 11, 1912

Frances Schroth broke the Olympic record in the first semifinal with a time of 1 minute 18.0 seconds. Ethelda Bleibtrey broke the world record in the third semifinal with 1 minute 14.4 seconds and lowered her own new record again in the final with 1 minute 13.6 seconds.



Monday, August 23, 1920: The fastest two in each semi-final and the fastest third-placed from across the semi-finals advanced.

Semifinal 1

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1  Frances Schroth (USA) 1:18.0 Q OR
2  Charlotte Boyle (USA) 1:20.4 Q
3  Rie Beisenherz (NED) 1:22.6
4  Yvonne Degraine (FRA)
5  Aina Berg (SWE)
6  Lillian Birkenhead (GBR)

Semifinal 2

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1  Irene Guest (USA) 1:18.8 Q
2  Constance Jeans (GBR) 1:20.8 Q
3  Violet Walrond (NZL) 1:21.4 q
4  Germaine Van Dievoet (BEL)
5  Suzanne Wurtz (FRA)
6  Carin Nilsson (SWE)
7  Charlotte Radcliffe (GBR)

Semifinal 3

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1  Ethelda Bleibtrey (USA) 1:14.4 Q WR
2  Jane Gylling (SWE) 1:25.6 Q
3  Grace McKenzie (GBR) 1:27.4
4  Ernestine Lebrun (FRA)
5  Barbara Nash (RSA)
6  Lily Beaurepaire (AUS)


Wednesday, August 25, 1920:

Place Swimmer Time
1  Ethelda Bleibtrey (USA) 1:13.6 WR
2  Irene Guest (USA) 1:17.0
3  Frances Schroth (USA) 1:17.2
4  Constance Jeans (GBR) 1:22.8
5  Violet Walrond (NZL)
6  Jane Gylling (SWE)
 Charlotte Boyle (USA) DNF


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