Aquatics at the 1930 British Empire Games

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At the 1930 British Empire Games, there were two aquatics disciplines – swimming and diving. There were four diving events contested and eleven swimming events. The aquatics programme included the only women's events of the games.

These events were held at the Municipal Pool (now the Jimmy Thompson Memorial Pool), which was built specifically for these games. At that time, it was the best competition pool in the British Empire.[1]

Medal summary[edit]


Men's events[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
3 m springboard  Alfred Phillips (CAN) 147  Cyril Kennett (CAN) 138  Arthur Stott (CAN) 127
10 m platform  Alfred Phillips (CAN) 90.6  Samuel Walker (CAN) 83.3  Thomas Scott (ENG) 82.3

Women's events[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
3 m springboard  Oonagh Whitsett (SAF) 90.1  Doris Ogilvie (CAN) 89.7  Mollie Bailey (CAN) 88.7
10 m platform  Pearl Stoneham (CAN) 39.3  Helen McCormack (CAN) 38.3 Only two entrants


Men's events[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 yd freestyle  Munroe Bourne (CAN) 56.0  Norman Brooks (ENG) 56.1  Bert Gibson (CAN)
400 yd freestyle  Noel Ryan (AUS) 4.39.8  Gordon Bridson (NZL) 4.45.8  George Burleigh (CAN)
1500 yd freestyle  Noel Ryan (AUS) 18:55.4  Gordon Bridson (NZL) 19:41  George Burleigh (CAN)
100 yd backstroke  Bill Trippett (ENG) 1:05.4  Willie Francis (SCO) 1:06  John Besford (ENG) 1:07
200 yd breaststroke  Jack Aubin (CAN) 2.38.4  Stanley Bell (ENG) 2.39.6  Reginald Flint (ENG) 2:45
4×200 yd
freestyle relay
Bert Gibson
Munroe Bourne
George Burleigh
James Thompson
8:42.4  England
Freddie Milton
Norman Brooks
Arthur Watts
Joseph Whiteside
8:43 Only two teams entered

Women's events[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 yd freestyle  Joyce Cooper (ENG) 1:03.0  Ellen King (SCO) 1:07  Valerie Davies (WAL)
400 yd freestyle  Joyce Cooper (ENG) 5:25  Valerie Davies (WAL) 5:28  Cissie Stewart (SCO)
100 yd backstroke  Joyce Cooper (ENG) 1:15  Valerie Davies (WAL) 1:17  Phyllis Harding (ENG) 1:18
200 yd breaststroke  Cecelia Wolstenholme (ENG) 2:54 [WR]  Margery Hinton (ENG)  Ellen King (SCO)
4×100 yd
freestyle relay
Joyce Cooper
Doreen Cooper
Olive Joynes
Phyllis Harding
4:32.8  Canada
Betty Edwards
Irene Pirie
Marjorie Linton
Peggy Bailey
4:33.0  Scotland
Cissie Stewart
Ellen King
Jean McDowell
Jessie McVey